Automotive Engine Components Design Questions and Answers – IC Engine – Cylinder Head

This set of Automotive Engine Components Design Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “IC Engine – Cylinder Head”.

1. Find the Thickness of the cylinder head when D=140mm, K=0.162, Pmax=3.5Mpa, σc=30N/mm2.
a) 17.56mm2
b) 19.34mm
c) 18.52mm2
d) 19.24mm
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Answer: d
= 140×0.1374
= 19.24mm

2. It is mandatory to have cams in the cylinder head.
a) True
b) False
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Answer: b
Explanation: No, it is not mandatory to have a camshaft in the cylinder head. There are instances where the camshaft is placed near the crankshaft and the valve actuation is controlled by pushrod and tappets.

3. Which of the mentioned below is not a part of the Cylinder head?
a) Valves
b) Spark plug
c) Cams
d) Crankshaft
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Answer: d
Explanation: Valves, Spark plug, Cams are all housed in the cylinder head whereas the crankshaft is housed in the crankcase and drives the camshaft.

4. What is porting?
a) Drilling extra ports in the cylinder
b) Resizing and reshaping of the intake port
c) Resizing and reshaping for spark plug
d) Drilling additional port for spark plug
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Answer: b
Explanation: Porting is the application of resizing and reshaping of intake ports so that the charge doesn’t strike the wall and ensuring the flow of charge is smooth.

5. Which material is suitable for manufacturing Cylinder head?
a) Malleable
b) Cast iron
c) Mild steel
d) Carbon fiber
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Answer: b
Explanation: Cast iron is a brittle material and it is used in the manufacturing of Cylinder head and also aluminum can be used since it is lightweight.

6. The charge is compressed directly against which part of the engine?
a) Crankcase
b) Cylinder
c) Camshaft
d) Cylinder head
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Answer: d
Explanation: After the suction stroke, during the moment of the piston for BDC to TDC the charge is compressed against the cylinder head and then it gets ignited.

7. Which of the mentioned below is not a type of cylinder head?
a) Under head camshaft cylinder head
b) Overhead camshaft cylinder head
c) Flathead cylinder head
d) Overhead valve cylinder head
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Answer: a
Explanation: Overhead camshaft cylinder head, Flathead cylinder head, Overhead valve cylinder head are the three types of cylinder heads and they are made of cast-iron or aluminum.

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