C++ Algorithms

C++ Algorithms, Problems & Programming Examples

C++ is a general-purpose, high-level compiled programming language that is widely used in the development of applications and software. C++ Algorithm collections contain more than 250 programs, ranging from simple to complex and advanced problems with answers. These C++ algorithms range from simple string matching programs to graph, hard graph, topological sorting, cryptography, random algorithms, shortest path, combinatorial, graph coloring, geometric, and mathematical algorithms.

This section also covers various C++ algorithms on dynamic programming, backtracking, greedy algorithms, STL library, C++ algorithmic functions, data structures, searching, and sorting algorithms. Every example program on these topics includes a program description, C++ code, and program output. All examples have been compiled and tested on Windows and Linux systems.


C++ Algorithms on Searching

C++ Algorithms on Sorting


Numerical Algorithms in C++


C++ Algorithms on Sieve & Primality Test

C++ Algorithms on Graph Connectivity

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