Manish Kumar Bhojasia, a technology veteran with 20+ years @ Cisco & Wipro, is Founder and CTO at Sanfoundry. He is Linux Kernel Developer & SAN Architect and is passionate about competency developments in these areas. He lives in Bangalore and delivers focused training sessions to IT professionals in these core technologies. Stay connected with him at LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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Manish Sir is adjudged as Best Trainer, Instructor, and Mentor by many Technology Professionals in India and Abroad. Earlier, he has worked in key technical roles at Cisco Systems and Wipro Technologies (Product Engineering Group) as well as given consultancies to other technology-centric companies like IBM, Brocade, Quantum, etc. In his career so far, he has worked on Operating System kernels for high-end SMP and NUMA platforms, iSCSI protocol stack development, and Fiber channel switch software development for data-storage protocols.

He has also spearheaded and contributed significantly towards Linux open source community projects, particularly Linux-iSCSI open source device driver development. He has designed and delivered a series of high-end courses on Linux Internals, SCSI Internals, Data Storage, and Virtualization for Professionals and Architects. He has been a member of SNIA (Storage Networking Industry Association) forum, and has delivered many lectures to industry professionals as part of SNIA India Chapter.

Hundreds of Working professionals are getting mentored & trained exclusively by him which has allowed them to target positions like Kernel & Platform Developer, and SRE roles in dream companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, LinkedIn, Twitter, Cisco, etc., and a plethora of high tech startups and matured companies in US/India. If interested, you can book a mentoring session with him.

Key Focus areas of Manish for Training and Competency development programs:

  • Storage Area Networks (SAN)
  • SCSI Internals, Fiber Channel & iSCSI Protocol
  • I/O Subsystem in Linux Kernel
  • Linux Kernel Programming, Linux Device Drivers
  • Linux-Unix Internals / Systems Programming
  • Linux Network Programming
  • Multi-threaded Architecture & Programming
  • Linux Kernel & Application Debugging
  • Linux/Unix Essentials (Ubuntu / Redhat), Shell Programming
  • Advanced C, GDB, Data-structures, OS Fundamentals
  • High Availability – Multi-pathing, Clusters, RAID, Volume Managers

A detailed list of his training schedules and competency-building programs is mentioned at the end of this page.

His detailed experience summary is as follows:

April 2011 – till date: Founder & Chief Technology Officer at Sanfoundry

  • Designed and implemented massively scalable cloud based educational platform Sanfoundry. Ongoing focus on addition of new features, content, and many new enhancements to both the backend and frontend of the platform.
  • Designed and delivered many intensive technology Training programs on above mentioned focused areas to employees of various companies such as Wipro Technologies, VMware, Citrix, Oracle, Motorola, Ericsson, Motorola, HP, Intuit, Microsoft, LinkedIn, SAP Labs, HSBC, TCS, IBM, Accenture, Symantec, Chelsio, Mphasis, Tata Elxsi, Mindtree, mid size IT companies and startups.

Dec 2009 – Mar 2011: Senior Engineering Manager at Cisco Systems

  • Worked for Cisco’s Datacenter business unit in the development and maintenance of SAN IP-Storage protocols like FC-IP, iSCSI and embedded OS for intelligent line cards on MDS9xxx series fiber channel switches.

July 1996 – Nov 2009: Senior Consultant at Wipro Technologies

  • (Jan 2007 – Nov 2009): Spearheaded Storage domain competencies for Wipro; designed and delivered many advance technology courses, lectures and hands-on labs for various businesses of Wipro.
  • (Dec 2004 – Dec 2006): Architected and designed an IP for Wipro on “iSCSI Protocol Conformance and Verification Tool” and used that tool for many customer demos and project wins for Wipro. He also published a paper titled “Storage Simulator for Verification of iSCSI Protocol Conformance” in Wipro’s Website.
  • (Feb 2001 – Nov 2004): Cisco’s Minnesota lab (erstwhile NuSpeed) – Design and implementation of iSCSI protocol stack on multiple Unix-like platforms. As a Technical Lead cum Project Manager, he contributed significantly towards the project, and collaborated with Linux open-source community as well as companies like NetApp, IBM, HP, and University of New Hampshire towards its inclusion in Linux kernel.
  • (Jan 1999 – Jan 2001): IBM’s Toronto Lab – Porting and performance engineering of DB2 server and achieved record breaking TPCH numbers for DB2 on NUMA-Q platform. He received “Certificate of Outstanding Achievement” award for his excellent work.
  • (July 1996 – Dec 1998): IBM’s NUMA-Q Division (erstwhile Sequent) – Developer and Technical Lead for Dynix/Ptx Operating System. He contributed significantly towards developing newer features, in addition to fixing critical bugs and solving many race conditions in the kernel as well as user space.

List of Technology Trainings Offered by our Founder:
01. Advanced C Programming Lab
02. Linux & C Debugging Techniques Lab
03. SAN Technology Training
04. SAN Administration Training
05. Linux Device Drivers
06. Linux Administration Training
07. Linux Systems Programming I
08. Linux Systems Programming II – IPCs
09. Linux Network Programming Lab
10. Linux Multi-threaded Programming Lab
11. Linux Kernel Internals Programming
12. Linux Kernel Debugging
13. Linux Virtualization Internals Programming

List of Product Architecture Courses Offered:
01. Training on Linux iSCSI Initiator HBA Driver Design & Implementation
02. Training on Linux iSCSI Target Driver Design & Implementation
03. Training on Network Jammer & Error Injector Design & Implementation
04. Training on Network Backup Utility Design & Implementation
05. Training on Linux Fiber Channel Initiator Driver Design & Implementation
06. Training on Virtual Tape Library Design & Implementation
07. Training on Virtual SCSI Disk Drive Design & Implementation
08. Training on LVM – Logical Volume Manager – Design & Implementation
09. Training on Software RAID Driver Design & Implementation
10. Training on Linux Multipath Software Design & Implementation
11. Training on Filesystem Design & Implementation
12. Training on Scale Out Filesystem Design & Implementation
13. Training on Kernel Level Snapshot Software Design & Implementation
14. Training on Kernel Level CDP Software Design & Implementation
15. Training on De-duplication Engine Design & Implementation
16. Training on Highly-Available-RAID Controller Design & Implementation
17. Training on Cluster Software Design & Implementation
18. Training on Virtual Fiber Channel Switch Design & Implementation
19. Training on Virtualization / Hypervisor Design & Implementation