Automotive Engine Components Design Questions and Answers – IC Engine – Valve Spring Design

This set of Automotive Engine Components Design Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “IC Engine – Valve Spring Design”.

1. The purpose of the valve spring is to exert force on which part?
a) Rocker arm
b) Tappet
c) Roller
d) Cam
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Answer: a
Explanation: Piston and Cylinder liner are held very close together such that the clearance between them can be neglected and the purpose of the valve spring is to exert force on the rocker arm.

2. When valves are closed which pressure is built inside the cylinder?
a) Neutral pressure
b) Positive pressure
c) Negative pressure
d) Zero pressure
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Answer: c
Explanation: The purpose of the valve spring is to exert force on the rocker arm and When valves are closed negative pressure is built inside the engine cylinder.

3. Calculate the mean coil diameter when C=8 and d=6?
a) 1.33mm
b) 48mm
c) 14mm
d) 2mm
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Answer: b
Explanation: D=Cd
= 8×6
= 48mm

4. Calculate the total number of turns for a square and ground end when N=13?
a) 15
b) 13
c) 32
d) 10
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Answer: a
Explanation: N1=N+2
= 13+2
= 15

5. Calculate the free length of the spring when the solid length is 90mm and δmax=35.75mm?
a) 145.9mm
b) 69.65mm
c) 656mm
d) 131.11mm
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Answer: d
Explanation: Free length= solid length+δmax+0.15δmax
= 131.11mm
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6. Calculate the solid length of the spring, when Nt=15mm and d=6mm.
a) 70mm
b) 90mm
c) 21mm
d) 9mm
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Answer: b
Explanation: Solid length= Ltd
= 15×6
= 90mm

7. Calculate the pitch of the coil when the free length is 131.11mm and N1 is 15mm?
a) 29.6mm
b) 9.37mm
c) 20mm
d) 12.3mm
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Answer: b
Explanation: Pitch of coils=\(\frac{Free \, length}{(Nt-1)}\)
= 9.37mm

8. Calculate the maximum force on the spring Pmax when Pi=88.36N, K=10 and d=25mm.
a) 338.36N
b) 288.36N
c) 135.36N
d) 282.36N
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Answer: a
Explanation: Pmax=Pi+Kd

9. Calculate the width of the flange, when thickness=8.
a) 30mm
b) 20mm
c) 10mm
d) 40mm
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Answer: b
Explanation: Width of flange=2.5t
= 2.5(8)

10. Calculate the depth of the section when t=8mm.
a) 88mm
b) 38mm
c) 48mm
d) 127mm
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Answer: c
Explanation:Depth of section=6t

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