Analysis of Simple Sentences – Adverbial Qualification

This set of English Grammar Exercises (MCQs) focuses on “Analysis of Simple Sentences – Adverbial Qualification”.

1. In the following sentence, pick theadverbial word.
I will buy the dress if I get some money.
a) I will buy
b) get some money
c) if I get some money
d) buy the dress
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Answer: c
Explanation: Adverbial words are those that are used to describe more about the verb in the predicate. Here, the adverbial is “if I get some money” which is a conditional adverb that tells more about the action “will buy”.

2. Identify the adverbial phrase in the given sentence.
The policemen deactivated the bomb carefully.
a) deactivated
b) The policemen
c) deactivated the bomb
d) carefully
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Answer: d
Explanation: The predicate of the given sentence is “deactivated the bomb carefully” where deactivated is the verb followed by its adverbial qualification “carefully”.

3. The adverbial qualification of the predicate in the below sentence is _____________________
My brother, Rohan, got married last week.
a) got married
b) brother
c) last week
d) My brother, Rohan
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Answer: c
Explanation: The predicate in the given sentence is ‘got married last week’, where the verb is “got married” and the adverbial following it is “last week”, describing the time of action.

4. What is the adverbial qualification in the given sentence?
My father works to make more money.
a) to make more money
b) works hard
c) My father
d) works hard to make more money
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Answer: a
Explanation: The subject here is ‘my father’. The predicate is “works hard to make more money”. In this sentence, the adverbialphrase is ‘to make more money’ that gives the reason to the verb ‘works’.

5. Pick the right adverbial qualification in the given sentence.
She kept the box on the table.
a) She kept
b) the box
c) on the table
d) kept
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Answer: c
Explanation: The adverbial phrase here is “on the table”, which answers the question on the verb, ‘where was the box kept?’.

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