Question Tags Questions and Answers – Set 2

This set of English Grammar Exercises (MCQs) focuses on “Question Tags – Set 2”.

1. Identify the correct answer for the below sentence.
Ram will come, ________?
a) won’t he
b) will he
c) can he
d) does he
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Answer: a
Explanation: As the sentence is positive, ‘won’t he’ is the correct answer for the given sentence, as it is the only negative question tag.

2. For the below sentence, select the correct statement structure for expressing disagreement.
He can’t understand it.
a) But + subject + auxiliary
b) Yes + pronoun + auxiliary
c) No/Oh no + pronoun + auxiliary + n’t/not
d) Yes/Oh yes + pronoun + auxiliary
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Answer: d
Explanation: ‘Yes, he can’ is an example for a statement expressing disagreement with the given sentence. It’s structure is ‘Yes/Oh yes + pronoun + auxiliary’.

3. Fill in the blank with the correct answer.
Your father is an astronaut, ________?
a) isn’t he
b) is he
c) doesn’t he
d) won’t he
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Answer: a
Explanation: Among the given options, the question tag ‘isn’t he’ will be the most appropriate one to fill the blank. The thumb rule here is that, for an affirmative sentence, the question tag will be negative.

4. The below sentence is grammatically correct.
The Chief guests haven’t arrived yet have they?
a) True
b) False
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Answer: b
Explanation: Though the above sentence uses the correct question tag, there is a punctuation error. The question tag must always be preceded by a comma. ‘The Chief guests haven’t arrived yet, have they?’ is the correct sentence.

5. Add a question tag to the below sentence.
He can walk, ______ ?
a) can’t him
b) can he
c) can’t he
d) can him
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Answer: c
Explanation: The statement ‘He can walk’ is positive. Therefore, the corresponding question tag should be in negative.

6. Which of the following structures can be used for adding a negative remark to the below statement?
Rajesh doesn’t like Hollywood films.
a) So + auxiliary + Subject
b) Nor/neither + auxiliary + Subject
c) But + Subject + auxiliary + n’t/not
d) But + Subject + auxiliary
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Answer: b
Explanation: The given statement is of negative sense. ‘Nor/neither + auxiliary + Subject’ is the appropriate structure for adding a negative remark to the sentence. For example, ‘Rajesh doesn’t like Hollywood films. Nor do I’.

7. Select the appropriate question tag for the below sentence.
Joseph can’t read German, ______?
a) can he
b) can’t he
c) won’t he
d) should he
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Answer: a
Explanation: The correct question tag for the given sentence is ‘can he’. For affirmative sentences, negative question tags cannot be used.

8. The question tag used in the below sentence is appropriate.
You are leaving the college, aren’t you?
a) True
b) False
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Answer: a
Explanation: A negative question tag is used for a statement which is positive in sense. Thus, the given sentence is grammatically correct and the statement stands true.

9. To express agreement with the below sentence, the structure of the statement should be _____
The mangoes aren’t good.
a) But + Subject + auxiliary
b) So + auxiliary + subject
c) No + Pronoun + auxiliary + n’t/not
d) Yes/Of course + pronoun + auxiliary
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Answer: c
Explanation: The given sentence is in negative sense. The statement ‘No, they aren’t’ can be used to express agreement. Thus, the correct structure is ‘No + Pronoun + auxiliary + n’t/not’.

10. Choose the correct question tag among the options.
Your mother cooks brilliantly, _______ ?
a) will she
b) does she
c) doesn’t she
d) isn’t she
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Answer: c
Explanation: The structure of the question tag should be ‘auxiliary + n’t + subject’, because the given statement is positive.

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