Class 9 Maths MCQ – Surface Areas and Volumes

This set of Class 9 Maths Chapter 13 Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Surface Areas and Volumes”. These MCQs are created based on the latest CBSE syllabus and the NCERT curriculum, offering valuable assistance for exam preparation.

1. Total surface area of a cuboid having dimensions l*b*h is __________
a) l*b*h
b) 2(lb + bh + lh)
c) lb + bh + lh
d) 6l2
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Answer: b
Explanation: As shown in the figure below,

The total surface area of a cuboid is the sum of the area of six rectangles constituting the cuboid.
The six rectangles forms three pairs of rectangles (which are at opposite sides) who have the same surface area.
Area of one pair of rectangles having sides l and b = 2(l*b)
Area of the second pair of rectangle having sides b and h = 2(b*h)
Area of the third pair of rectangle having sides l and h = 2(l*h)
The total area of the cuboid = sum of three pairs of rectangles
= 2(l*b) + 2(b*h) + 2(l*h)
= 2(lb + bh + lh).

2. Total surface area of a cube having sides l is given by __________
a) l*b*h
b) 2(lb + bh + lh)
c) lb + bh + lh
d) 6l2
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Answer: d
Explanation: A cube has six equal sides.
Hence, total surface area of a cube = sum of areas of 6 sides (as shown in the figure below)

Area of one side of a cube having side equal to ‘l’ = l2
Total surface area of the cube = l2 + l2 + l2+l2+ l2 + l2
= 6l2.

3. A cube of side equal to 20 cm is open from the top. Its total surface area is __________ cm2.
a) 2000
b) 2400
c) 2500
d) 8000
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Answer: a
Explanation: The cube is open from the top, hence total surface area of the cube will be equal to 6l2 – l2 = 5l2
= 5(20)2
= 5(400)
= 2000.

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