Railway Engineering Questions and Answers – Track – Permanent Way Maintenance

This set of Railway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Track – Permanent Way Maintenance”.

1. Why is the maintenance of Permanent way important?
a) To ensure safety of public
b) For comfort of travellers
c) To ensure safety and comfort of public
d) To make the project economical
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Answer: c
Explanation: Any glitch in the permanent way can lead to a major accident and harm the public. Thus its timely maintenance is important for protection and well-being of public.

2. Which among the following is an old method for track maintenance?
a) Measured shovel packing
b) Beater packing
c) Mechanised maintenance
d) Directed track maintenance
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Answer: b
Explanation: Earlier manual maintenance of tracks by Beater packing was done. But after advancement in technology and increase in traffic modern methods are being used. These include measured shovel packing, mechanised maintenance and directed track maintenance.

3. In need based directed track maintenance system, work is done round the clock.
a) True
b) False
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Answer: b
Explanation: In need based directed track maintenance system, work is done only when essentially required. This reduces excessive work and increases productivity of trackmen.

4. Over the years what has led to an increase in necessity for maintenance and improvement in track structures?
a) Increased track loading
b) Poor quality of tracks
c) Poor formation strength
d) Improper construction work
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Answer: a
Explanation: Over the years the increase in hauling capacity of engines and increased number and size of wagons has happened. Because the tracks are experiencing heavy loads and high speeds, the tracks need to be stronger and improvement in maintenance of tracks is required.

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