Railway Engineering Questions and Answers – Execution of Earthwork in Embankments and Cuttings

This set of Railway Engineering Question Bank focuses on “Execution of Earthwork in Embankments and Cuttings”.

1. Which of the following is not true in case of Black cotton soil?
a) During dry season ballast penetrates into cracks
b) It becomes soft during rainy season
c) It gains strength with addition of water
d) Loss in moisture content results in cracks
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Answer: c
Explanation: Black cotton soil changes its properties with change in moisture content. It loses its strength with addition of water. It has an undesirable property of swelling and shrinkage.

2. What can be the use of a bituminous carpet in Black cotton soil?
a) To stop the surface water from reaching the formation
b) To add lime to the surface
c) Helps in compaction
d) To keep it warm
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Answer: a
Explanation: Surface water on reaching the formation can make it wet and result in swelling. Thus a bituminous carpet is provided for its protection.

3. What should be the value of cross slope for embankments in other than good soils?
a) 1 in 50
b) 1 in 40
c) 1 in 30
d) 1 in 60
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Answer: c
Explanation: For good drainage cross slope should be provided. In other than good soils, a cross slope of 1 in 30 from centre towards the cess should be provided.

4. The soil is classified as ‘good’ or ’other than good’ based on their grain size only.
a) True
b) False
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Answer: b
Explanation: Firstly soil samples are taken from the site. Then they are classified as ‘good’ or ’other than good’ based on their grain size as well as their consistency limits.

5. What is the effect of excess of water in the subgrade?
a) Reduction in shear strength
b) Reduction in bearing capacity
c) Reduction in bearing capacity and shear strength
d)Reduction in moisture content
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Answer: c
Explanation: With excess of water in the subgrade it’s bearing capacity and resistance to shear decreases. Thus providing proper Track drainage is essential.
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