Railway Engineering Questions and Answers – Ballast Types

This set of Railway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Ballast Types”.

1. Where can sand ballast be used with wooden and steel trough sleepers?
a) Only coarse sand can be used
b) Areas with low traffic density
c) Areas with steep slope
d) Areas with less rainfall
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Answer: b
Explanation: Sand ballast is usually used for cast iron pots. It can be used with steel and wooden sleepers where traffic density is low.

2. Which of the following is not a property of sand ballast?
a) Provides good drainage
b) Can be blown off easily
c) Causes excessive wear
d) Cannot be blown off easily
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Answer: d
Explanation: Sand being light in weight has a drawback of blowing off. It provides good drainage but also causes excessive wear of the track which is undesirable.

3. The decomposition of laterite results in the formation of _______ ballast.
a) Moorum
b) Coal ash
c) Broken stone
d) Sand ballast
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Answer: a
Explanation: Moorum is red or yellow in colour and formed by the decomposition of laterite. Broken stone block is generally acquired from hard stones like granite and quartzite.

4. Why the moorum can be used as a blanketing material for black cotton soil?
a) Its red in colour
b) It is formed by laterite
c) It prevents percolation of water
d) It is easy to handle
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Answer: c
Explanation: Moorum prevents percolation of water in formation. This percolated water can lead to softening of formation. Moorum can also be used as initial ballast or sub ballast.

5. Coal ash ballast can be harmful for steel sleepers and fittings.
a) True
b) False
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Answer: a
Explanation: Coal ash ballast is cheap but it has corrosive action. This can lead to damage of steel sleepers and fittings and their frequent maintenance will be required.
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6. Which of the following is the most used ballast on Indian railways?
a) Sand ballast
b) Broken stone ballast
c) Brickbat ballast
d) Coal ash ballast
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Answer: b
Explanation: Broken stone ballast is the most used ballast on Indian railways. It is economical in the long run and can be used for high speed tracks.

7. Which of the following ballast is usually used in yards and sidings?
a) Coal ash
b) Broken stone
c) Moorum
d) Sand
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Answer: a
Explanation: Coal ash or cinder can be used for yards and sidings. It is not suitable for high speed tracks but can be used as initial ballast as it is cheap and easily available.

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