Railway Engineering Questions and Answers – Testing of Fastenings


This set of Railway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Testing of Fastenings”.

1. Why are fastenings tested in the laboratory?
a) To check their rigidity
b) To calculate traffic density
c) To check their suitability in the field
d) To see their breaking point
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Answer: c
Explanation: Before actually using the rigid and elastic fastenings on field they are first tested in laboratory to check their suitability. Vibrogir and pulsator are used for this purpose.

2. Why is Vibrogir used in Laboratories?
a) To apply pressure on rails
b) To check effectiveness of rail
c) To check effectiveness of fastenings
d) To check rigidity of rails
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Answer: c
Explanation: High frequency vibrations are produced with the help of this equipment. By simulating similar field conditions by this equipment, the effectiveness of the fastenings is checked.

3. What are the extra activities performed by the pulsator?
a) Applies lateral pressure on the rail fastening
b) Applies vertical pressure on the rail fastening
c) Applies longitudinal pressure on the rail fastening
d) Applies lateral and vertical pressure on the rail fastening
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Answer: d
Explanation: The vibrogir produces vibrations to check effectiveness. The pulsator in addition to this also applies lateral and vertical pressure on the rail fastening.
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