Railway Engineering Questions and Answers – Extra Clearance on Curves


This set of Railway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Extra Clearance on Curves”.

1. Why is the effect of curvature taken into consideration for providing extra clearance on curves?
a) Because of high speed of locomotive
b) Because of rigid wheel base
c) To easily move on gradients
d) To accommodate more passengers
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Answer: b
Explanation: Because of the rigid structure of vehicle it does not follow the path of the curve. This is the reason for the requirement of extra clearance for the vehicle.

2. The extra clearance required at centre of the vehicle which projects towards the inside of the curve is called _________
a) Overthrow
b) End throw
c) Side throw
d) Stage throw
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Answer: a
Explanation: Overthrow is the extra clearance required at the centre of the vehicle which project towards the inside of the curve. It can be calculated by the equation, C2/8R.

3. What is the formula for calculating the extra clearance required for leaning?
a) he/G
b) 4he/G
c) he/G2
d) he/2G
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Answer: a
Explanation: On curves superelevation is provided to the tracks. Because of this the vehicle leans towards the inner edge of the curve creating a requirement for the extra clearance due to leaning.

4. What is the value of the extra clearance on inside of the curve due to sway of vehicles?
a) Equal to clearance due to leaning
b) Half of the clearance due to leaning
c) one fourth of clearance due to leaning
d) Twice of clearance due to leaning
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Answer: c
Explanation: Vehicles experience additional sway on curves due to unbalanced forces caused by cant deficiency or excess. The extra clearance due to sway on inside of curve is one fourth of clearance due to leaning.

5. Which of the following gives the extra clearance outside the curve?
a) E2 – C2/8R
b) E2 – C2/16R
c) E – C/8R
d) E – C/16R
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Answer: a
Explanation: Extra clearance which project towards the outside of the curve is called End throw. It is given by E2 – C2/8R. Here C is the centre to centre distance between bogies.

6. Which of the following clearances will not be taken into consideration for adjacent and curved Tracks?
a) Sway
b) Lean
c) Overthrow
d) End throw
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Answer: b
Explanation: Adjacent tracks on curves will have almost equal superelevation. Thus extra clearance due to lean will not be considered and Total clearance will be sum of Overthrow, sway and end throw.

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