Surveying Questions and Answers – GPS – Position Determination Principle

This set of Surveying Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “GPS – Position Determination Principle”.

1. Which of the following is having same principle as that of determining the position in GPS?
a) Compass
b) Traversing
c) Trisection
d) Resection
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Answer: d
Explanation: The principle of position determination involves the same principle as that of resection in surveying. It indicates location of a set point by the help of the reference point and then transferring to another point and locating the remaining points. Later, on joining it can end up obtaining the result.

2. Among the following, which indicates the correct set of methods followed for fixing position?
a) Pseudo ranging, absolute positioning
b) Carrier wave, pseudo ranging
c) Absolute positioning, relative positioning
d) Carrier wave, absolute positioning
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Answer: b
Explanation: The methods for fixing the position of an object can be given as using pseudo ranging and usage of carrier wave. Both are having their own importance. Pseudo ranging uses time parameter as its main constituent.

3. Which is the main parameter used in pseudo ranging?
a) Time
b) Distance
c) Velocity
d) Frequency
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Answer: a
Explanation: The position of an object in GPS using pseudo ranging can be done by the calculation time of travel of the signal. It also uses PRN code for decoding the signal related information.

4. GPS user solution depends on which of the following?
a) Absolute positioning
b) Satellite vehicle
c) Space vehicle
d) Relative positioning
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Answer: c
Explanation: GPS user solution may depend either on space vehicle adopted or the time scale information provided. The navigational data provided by the operational control segments involve in determining user solution determination.

5. Satellite generates which type of signals?
a) Visible rays
b) X-rays
c) Cosmic waves
d) Radio waves
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Answer: d
Explanation: In general, the waves generated must possess more wave length so as to satisfy certain parameters. Among the classification of the electromagnetic spectrum, radio waves possess the longest wavelength, which is capable of serving in the process of GPS.
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6. Which of the following indicates the principle of GPS?
a) Resection
b) Trilateration
c) Trisection
d) Traversing
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Answer: b
Explanation: Trilateration is the principle involved in the case of GPS. This can be used to track or locate any movable object location. It involves mathematical operations, which is regularly used in case of surveying.

7. Which among the following is used to locate an object?
a) GPS
b) GIS
c) RS
d) IRS
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Answer: a
Explanation: GPS, also known as Global Positioning System, is used in an unusual manner for obtaining the location of the object. The position can be determined by measuring the distance from the satellite.

8. Which of the following can indicate the correct set of GPS segments?
a) Navigation, space
b) User, navigation
c) Control, user
d) Control, navigation
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Answer: c
Explanation: GPS contains three main segments which can be given as user segment, control segment, space segment. The user segment receives the signals from satellites, control segment controls the position of satellite and space segment utilizes navigation system.

9. Which of the following segments can use GPS receiver?
a) Navigation segment
b) Space segment
c) Control segment
d) User segment
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Answer: d
Explanation: The usage of GPS receiver is done by the user segment, which receives signals from the GPS satellites and can be used to determine how far away it is from the satellite.

10. Which of the following indicate the functioning of the Space segment?
a) Navigational signals
b) Space signals
c) User signals
d) Control signals
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Answer: a
Explanation: The functioning of the space segment is to use the navigational signals and retransmit the navigational message sent by the control segment. These can be controlled by atomic clocks placed on the satellites.

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