Surveying Questions and Answers – GIS – Four M’s

This set of Surveying Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “GIS – Four M’s”.

1. Which of the following indicates the correct set of M’s used in the case of GIS?
a) Manipulating, monitoring, mapping, modeling
b) Measuring, manipulating, mapping, modeling
c) Measuring, monitoring, marketing, modeling
d) Measuring, monitoring, mapping, modeling
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Answer: d
Explanation: GIS follows certain principles which are accompanied as measuring the parameters, developing maps, monitoring the changes, modeling the alternatives of the process. This is the methodology followed for obtaining a better output.

2. Which of the following works involves modeling?
a) Tectonic plate movement
b) Drainage network
c) Roadway line
d) Railway line
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Answer: b
Explanation: Modeling is used in the environmental works, drainage network and model terrains which are usual in acquiring information of the required object. This helps in covering information about the specific object in a wide range.

3. Mapping involves which of the following?
a) Soil details
b) Boundary details
c) Cadastral details
d) Population details
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Answer: c
Explanation: Mapping is done in order to asses a particular area or object in a detailed manner. It includes land use land cover details, cadastral details, agriculture and hydrological details.

4. In which aspect of agriculture GIS is used?
a) Soil analysis
b) Seed requirement
c) Fertilizer
d) Pesticides
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Answer: a
Explanation: Agriculture field is having a wide range of classifications among them usage of GIS is having more priority. The usage of GIS can be seen in farm management, soil analysis and crop monitoring.

5. Which of the following software can be used in case of property tax assessment?
a) STAAD Pro
b) Revit
c) Remote sensing
d) GIS
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Answer: d
Explanation: Though different kinds of software’s are available, GIS is having its priority in case of estimating the property tax. GIS can be used in case of economic development, Market analysis and transportation.
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6. Which of the following software’s are used for developing vehicle route?
a) Autodesk Revit
b) STAAD Pro
c) GIS
d) Remote sensing
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Answer: c
Explanation: GIS is used in the field of transportation for having a clear idea about transportation and the traffic flow in a particular area. This helps in diverting the vehicles in order to reduce the traffic.

7. Population forecast can be done by using GIS.
a) False
b) True
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Answer: b
Explanation: GIS is not only used in terms of planning of a city but also in estimating the present population and upcoming population. This can be done by enabling all the features in GIS which can reduce the work of estimating population, which is conventionally done by applying formulae.

8. Which of the following is not a property of coordinate in GIS?
a) Line of sight
b) Origin
c) Axis
d) Units of measurement
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Answer: a
Explanation: The coordinates which are used in GIS are having three properties those include origin, axis and units of measurement. Each of these will be applied in every aspect of the GIS software.

9. Which of the following represents the correct set of coordinate classification in GIS?
a) Spherical, projected systems
b) Geographic, projected systems
c) Geographic, spherical systems
d) Geographic, geometric systems
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Answer: b
Explanation: In GIS, the coordinates are classified into geographic and projected systems. Geographic coordinates are used for spherical and non linear systems and projected coordinates are used for planar and linear systems.

10. Longitudes are used to represent which of the following directions?
a) North–East
b) South
c) North
d) East
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Answer: d
Explanation: The directions east and west are represented by the longitudes, which cover the entire surface of the earth. Every longitude is divided based on the standard meridian and is placed equidistant from each other.

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