Dairy Engineering Questions and Answers – Dairy Farm – 2

This set of Dairy Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Dairy Farm – 2”.

1. What type of soap should be avoided when washing a dairy cow?
a) fragrant soap
b) soap with antimicrobial activity
c) soap with herbal treatment
d) soap with detergent
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Answer: d
Explanation: The hindquarters, thighs and udder should be washed thoroughly before milking. It is advised to avoid detergent soap for washing.

2. What are dairy animals that are officially recorded in the breed association herd book called?
a) unregistered animal
b) token animal
c) unlicensed animal
d) registered animal
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Answer: d
Explanation: A registered animal is officially entered on a register or list; formally recorded(of mail) sent using a Post Office service by which compensation is paid for loss or damage to mail for which a registration fee has been paid.

3. Most of what ingredient is removed from skim milk?
a) protein
b) carbohydrate
c) mineral
d) Fat
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Answer: d
Explanation: Skim milk is basically milk having low percentage of fat. Thus, fat is removed from normal milk in order to make it skim milk.

4. The back of a dairy cow is made up of what two parts?
a) chine and loin
b) udder and skin
c) chine and udder
d) loin and bone
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Answer: a
Explanation: Chine and loin make up the back of the dairy cow. These two are important for body balance.

5. What is the expected daily weight gain of a Holstein heifer calf from 200-800 pounds?
a) 1.5 pounds per day
b) 1.65 pounds per day
c) 1 pound per day
d) 2 pound per day
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Answer: b
Explanation: Calf is the new born baby cow. It is observed that a calf generally gains 1 pound per day daily.
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6. What is the condition in which large amounts of gas are trapped in a calf’s stomach and the stomach gets big?
a) Float
b) Tloat
c) Bloat
d) Piles
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Answer: c
Explanation: Bloating is the condition in which the stomach of the calf gets big. It is due to the air trapped inside the calf’s stomach.

7. Before entering the show ring, what is a question that the exhibitor should be prepared to answer about the animals?
I. Birth date and sire
II. Dam and breeding rate
III. Date use to calve
IV. Age
a) I. and II
b) II. And III
c) I, II, III, and IV
d) IV only
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Answer: c
Explanation: Showman should have a lot of information about his cow. He is expected to know about birth date, sire, Dam, breeding rate, age etc of the cow.

8. What is the official record of registered animals of a breed kept by the breed association called?
a) cow book
b) bull book
c) heard book
d) book
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Answer: c
Explanation: Registration is an important step to identify the cow. Official records of animal are kept in a heard book.

9. Milk that has all the water removed is called what?
a) powdered milk
b) whey
c) flavor milk
d) condensed milk
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Answer: a
Explanation: Milk has a high amount of water content. It can be removed with the help of dryer. The milk with all the water removed is powdered milk.

10. How many points are given to General Appearance on the Dairy Cow Unified Score Card?
a) 10 points
b) 20 points
c) 35 points
d) 40 points
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Answer: c
Explanation: General Appearance is one of the parameters on which the cow is judged. It has about 35 points.

11. What is the process called when a calf is switched from milk or milk replaced to water and dry feed?
a) fertilization
b) culling
c) breeding
d) weaning
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Answer: d
Explanation: Weaning is the gradual introduction of a calf to what will be its adult diet and withdrawing the supply of its mother’s milk. The process takes place only in mammals, as only mammals produce milk.

12. What percent of a calf’s weight should it receive in colostrum the first 3 days?
a) 4%
b) 5%
c) 6%
d) 8%
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Answer: c
Explanation: Calf should receive about 3% of its weight in colostrum. Colostrum is protein rich milk the mother produces.

13. In relation to the grain of the hair, which direction should the tail be clipped?
a) opposite to grain of the hair
b) with the grain of the hair
c) parallel to grain of the hair
d) no relation
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Answer: b
Explanation: Rule of thumb is never clip against the grain of the hair. An ear should be clipped with the direction of hair growth while holding the ear firmly, with the ear flap laying flat on your fingers.

14. What are two pieces of information not kept in the Herd Book kept by the breed association?
a) animals registration name, birth date
b) registration name and number of its sire and dam
c) name of the breeder and birth date
d) no of udders and skin color
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Answer: d
Explanation: Herd book has a lot of information about a particular breed. The information is regarding Animal but no of udders and skin color is not the part of this information.

15. What form of milk is made by the churning of whipping cream?
a) cream
b) ghee
c) curd
d) butter
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Answer: d
Explanation: Butter is a popular dairy product made from cow’s milk. It is composed of milk fat that has been separated by the churning of whipping cream from other milk components.

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