Tissue Engineering Questions and Answers – Bioceramics for Biomaterial Processing

This set of Tissue Engineering online test focuses on “Bioceramics for Biomaterial Processing”.

1. ____________ was the earliest used bio-ceramic.
a) Porcelain
b) Gypsum
c) Gelatin
d) Cement
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Answer: a
Explanation: The clinical use of bio-ceramics in dentistry started in the late 18th century with the use of porcelain for crowns. Since the late 19th century Plaster of Paris and gypsum have been used as biomaterials in orthopedics.

2. __________ family of ceramics is widely used for bone defects.
a) Calcium phosphate
b) Calcium oxide
c) Calcium carbonate
d) Calcium bicarbonate
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Answer: a
Explanation: The calcium phosphate family of ceramics is widely used for bone defects and zirconia, alumina and their composites are used for hip-joints.

3. _____________ is a large class of inorganic nonmetallic materials.
a) Bioceramics
b) Polymers
c) Plastics
d) Antibodies
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Answer: a
Explanation: Bioceramics constitute an important group of biomaterials, their biocompatibility ranges from that of ceramic oxides (inert in the body) to that of resorbable materials (replaced by the body after they have assisted in repair).

4. In general, bioceramics are classified into two families.
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Answer: a
Explanation: In general, we classify bioceramics into two families: bioinert and bioactive ceramics. Their classification depends on whether the ceramic can directly form an integration at the interface between the bone and the ceramic.

5. __________ and glass-ceramic contain rich CaO and P2O5 contents.
a) Bioactive glass
b) Hydrogel
c) Metal
d) Mesh
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Answer: a
Explanation: Bioactive glass and glass-ceramic contain rich CaO and P2O5 contents. One representative is the bioglass 45S5 developed by Larry Hench in 1968.
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