Food Processing Unit Operations Questions and Answers

Food Processing Unit Operations Interview Questions and Answers

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Here’s list of Questions & Answers on Food Processing Unit Operations Subject covering 100+ topics:

1. Questions & Answers on Introduction & Unit Systems

The section contains questions and answers on food process engineering basic principles, dimensional analysis, dimensions and units.

Basic Principles of Food Process Engineering
Dimensions and Units
Dimensional Analysis

2. Questions on Material & Energy Balances

The section contains questions on material and energy balances.

Material and Energy Balances

3. Questions & Answers on Fluid Flow Theory & Applications

The section contains questions and answers on fluid statics and dynamics, viscosity, pressure measurement in fluid, pumps and fans.

Fluid Statics and Fluid Dynamics
Measurement of Pressure in a Fluid
Pumps and Fans

4. Questions on Agitation and Mixing of Liquids

The section contains questions on agitation power and scale up, mixing performance analysis, solids suspension, gas dispersion and bubble behaviour.

Power for Agitation
Agitator Scale Up
Mixing Performance Analysis
Suspension of Solids
Gas Dispersion & Bubble Behaviour

5. Questions & Answers on Circulation of Fluid through Porous Beds: Fluidization

The section contains questions and answers on fluidization, fluid flow through porous beds, darcys law, kozeny–carman, burke–plummer and ergun equations.

Fluid Flow Through Porous Beds
Darcy’s Law
Equation of Kozeny–Carman
Equation of Burke–Plummer
Equations of Ergun

6. Questions on Heat Transfer Theory

The section contains questions on heat conduction, heat convection and radiation.

Heat Conduction
Heat Convection
Heat Radiation

7. Questions & Answers on Heat Transfer Applications

The section contains questions and answers on continuous flow heat exchangers, batch and plate heat exchangers, food thermal properties, thermal processing, pasteurization, sterilization, refrigeration, chilling and freezing.

Continuous Flow Heat Exchangers
Batch Heat Exchangers
Plate Heat Exchangers
Thermal Properties of Food
Thermal Processing
Chilling and Freezing

8. Questions on Drying

The section contains questions on drying theory basics, moisture content determination methods, psychrometry, equilibrium moisture content, drying equipments, drying rate, sun and freeze drying.

Basic Drying Theory
Moisture Content Determination Methods
Equilibrium Moisture Content
Drying Rate
Sun Drying
Freeze Drying
Drying Equipments

9. Questions & Answers on Evaporation

The section contains questions and answers on evaporators, single and multiple effect evaporators, boiling point elevation, evaporation equipment and heat sensitive materials evaporation.

Heat Transfer in Evaporators
Single and Multiple Effect Evaporators
Boiling Point Elevation
Evaporation Equipment
Evaporation of Heat Sensitive Materials

10. Questions on Absorption

The section contains questions on absorption mechanisms, equipments and principles, packed columns, interphase and overall mass transfer, transfer units, hydraulics and process design of packed absorbers.

Absorption Mechanisms
Absorption Equipments
Principles of Absorption
Packed Columns
Interphase Mass Transfer
Overall Mass Transfer
Concept of Height of Transfer Units
Number of Transfer Units
Hydraulics of Packed Absorbers
Process Design of Packed Absorbers

11. Questions & Answers on Contact Equilibrium Separation Process

The section contains questions and answers on extraction, washing, extraction equipment, membrane separation and separators, staged leaching, leaching principles and equipments.

Gas Liquid Equilibrium
Solid Liquid Equilibrium
Equilibrium Concentration Relationship
Extraction and Washing
Equipment Used for Extraction
Membrane Separation
Membrane Separators
Leaching and Equipments
Principles of Leaching
Equilibrium and Staged Leaching

12. Questions on Distillation

The section contains questions on distillation basics, partial pressure, binary mixtures distillation, steam and batch distillations.

Distillation Basics
Partial Pressure
Distillation of Binary Mixtures
Steam Distillation
Batch Distillation

13. Questions & Answers on Crystallization

The sections covers questions and answers on crystal geometry, crystallization principles and mechanism, supersaturation, nucleation mechanism, crystal growth, crystallizers, crystallization equipment, mier’s solubility curve, swenson walker and circulating magma crystallizers.

Crystal Geometry
Principles of Crystallization
Mechanism of Crystallization
Nucleation Mechanism
Crystal Growth
Crystallization Equipment
Mier’s Solubility Curve
Swenson Walker Crystallizer
Circulating Magma Crystallizer
Caking of Crystals

14. Questions on Mechanical Separation

The section contains questions on sedimentation theory, sedimentation equipment, centrifugation and its equipment.

Sedimentation Theory
Sedimentation Equipment
Centrifugation Equipment

15. Questions & Answers on Filtration

The section contains questions and answers on filtration fundamentals and equipments, filtering cake resistance, filtering medium resistance, filtration at constant pressure drop and volumetric flow.

Fundamentals of Filtration
Filtration Equipments
Resistance of the Filtering Cake
Filtering Medium Resistance
Filtration at Constant Pressure Drop
Filtration at Constant Volumetric Flow

16. Questions on Size Reduction

The section contains questions on size reduction theory, grinding principles and laws, grinding equipments, oil extraction, emulsification, paddy rice and pulse milling.

Size Reduction Theory
Principles and Laws of Grinding
Grinding Equipments
Oil Extraction
Paddy Rice Milling
Pulse Milling

17. Questions & Answers on Process Engineering Applications in Food Industry

The section contains questions and answers on meat and dairy industry.

Meat Industry Dairy Industry
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