PLC Program to Operate 4 Outputs Simultaneously with Time Delay


This is a PLC Program to Operate 4 Outputs Simultaneously with Time Delay.

Problem Description

There are total four number of outputs which should be run one by one with a particular time delay. Implement this in PLC using Ladder Diagram programming language.

Problem Solution
  • Generate Master Start and Stop buttons to activate the sequence and define four outputs.
  • Use TON timer to generate a particular time delay, same or different.
  • Use Done bit of first timer to energize other output and activate second timer.
  • Repeat this process until the final output is energized and last timer is activated.
  • Reset timers after the completion of first cycle if necessary.
  • Use LEDs as output to test the program.
PLC Program

Here is PLC program to Operate 4 Outputs Simultaneously with Time Delay, along with program explanation and run time test cases.

List of Inputs and Outputs
 I:1/0	= Master Start		(Input)
 I:1/1	= Master Stop		(Input)
 O:2/4	= Master Coil		(Output)
 O:2/0	= Output0		(Output)
 T4:0 	= Output0 Timer		(Timer)
 O:2/1	= Output1		(Output) 
 T4:1	= Output1 Timer		(Timer)
 O:2/2	= Output2		(Output) 
 T4:2	= Output2 Timer		(Timer)
 O:2/3	= Output3		(Output)
 T4:2	= Output3 Timer		(Timer)

Ladder Diagram to solve this problem

Program Description
  • RUNG000 again here is to create Master Start and Stop coil with address O:2/4.
  • RUNG002 comprises Timer0 T4:0 with 15secs of Time Delay which is used to de-energize O:2/0 output0 after 15secs.
  • When Master Start I:1/0 is momentarily pressed, output master coil O:4/4 is latched energizing the Output0 O:4/0 and activating Timer0.
  • When Timer counts upto 15secs, Timer Done bit goes high turning off the Output0 and energizing Output1 O:2/1.
  • This process gets repeated till the end.
  • All the timers have the same preset value here so all the outputs remain ON for 15secs.
  • To repeat this entire system again automatically, all the timers must be reset when Timer3 is done counting and generates T4:3/DN bit as shown in diagram below (RUNG009 of main program).


Runtime Test Cases

First 15secs after Start is pressedplc-program-operate-4-outpus-simultaneously-time-delay-04
After 15secsplc-program-operate-4-outpus-simultaneously-time-delay-05
After 30secsplc-program-operate-4-outpus-simultaneously-time-delay-06
After 45secsplc-program-operate-4-outpus-simultaneously-time-delay-07

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