PLC Program for Cleaning and Rinsing Bottles in Beverage Industries


This is a PLC Program for Cleaning and Rinsing Bottles in Beverage Industries.

Problem Description

Number of bottles are moving on the conveyor belt. Cleaning of Rinsing of these bottles is to be performed. Implement automation of this process in PLC using Ladder Diagram programming language.

Problem Diagram


Problem Solution
  • A huge cylinder carries all the bottles through this process which rotates on a fixed RPM.
  • Use a switch to sense the bottle from the conveyor belt.
  • Conveyor belt also has a fixed speed.
  • Mechanical clip is used to hold the bottle tightly throughout the process. This mechanical switch has two positions, hold and return.
  • Motor is used to turn the bottles. Motor is used such that it rotates only at 180o angle turning bottles upside down.
  • Along with the cylinder, water supply tubes are fixed in the position and solenoid valves are used to sprinkle water inside the bottles.
  • Proximity switch is used to detect the upside position of a bottle to perform rinsing and cleaning.
  • There are total 30 number of bottles cleaned and rinsed simultaneously in a process stream. Let us program cleaning of a single bottle.
PLC Program

Here is PLC program for Cleaning and Rinsing Bottles in Beverage Industries, along with program explanation and run time test cases.

List of Inputs and Outputs
 I:1/14	= Start						(Input)
 I:1/15	= Stop						(Input)
 O:2/15	= Master Coil					(Output)
 I:1/0	= Proximity bottle sensor (Enter)		(Input)
 I:1/1	= Upside down position detector (proximity)	(Input)
 I:1/2	= Proximity bottle sensor (Leave)		(Input)
 O:2/0	= Clip bottle (Hold)				(Output)
 O:2/1	= Motor to turn bottle (Forward)		(Output)
 O:2/2	= Water supply (Solenoid coil)			(Output)
 O:2/3	= Motor to turn bottle (Reverse)		(Output)
 O:2/4	= Clip bottle (Release)				(Output)
 T4:0	= Timer to turn bottle				(Timer)
 T4:1	= Timer for solenoid coil to sprinkle water	(Timer)
 T4:2	= Timer to leave bottle				(Timer)

Ladder diagram to rinse and clean bottles (Part 1)plc-program-cleaning-rinsing-bottles-beverage-industries-03
Ladder diagram to rinse and clean bottles (Part 2)plc-program-cleaning-rinsing-bottles-beverage-industries-04

Program Description
  • RUNG001 is to operate Clipping of a bottle. When I:1/0 is detected which is an address of Bottle Enter proximity switch, O:2/0 energizes which is connected to perform first position of the clip which holds the bottle.
  • RUNG002 & RUNG003 are to energize O:2/1 which operates rotating of a bottle by rotating motor in forward direction by 1800, bottle is turned upside down after 2secs bottle is held.
  • RUNG004 & RUNG005 are used to energize O:2/2 which is connected to the solenoid valve coil to sprinkle water inside from the bottom of upside down bottle. This is done when I:1/1 proximity detects the presence of upside down bottle. Water sprinkling is done for 2secs and solenoid coil is de-energized.
  • RUNG006 is used to de-energize motor forward coil and energize motor reverse coil with which is connected to O:2/3 to take bottle back to its main position. This is performed when I:1/2 detects the presence of a bottle to leave.
  • RUNG007 and RUNG008, when O:2/3 is energized, after 3secs, Bottle is released by the clip. O:2/3 is the output to activate 2nd position of the clip which is to leave a bottle.
Runtime Test Cases
Inputs	                 Outputs    Physical Elements
I:1/0 = 1	         O:2/0 = 1  Operate clip to position1 to hold bottle
O:2/0 = 1 & T4:0/DN = 1	 O:2/1 = 1  Turn bottle upside down
I:1/1 = 1	         O:2/2 = 1  Sprinkle water inside the bottle
T4:1/DN = 1	         O:2/2 = 0  Stop sprinkling
I:1/2 = 1	         O:2/3 = 1  Turn bottle back to its main position
T4:2/DN = 1	         O:2/4 = 1  Operate clip to position2 to release bottle

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