Food Processing Unit Operations Questions and Answers – Distillation Basics

This set of Food Processing Unit Operations Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Distillation Basics”.

1. What are the two processes in distillation?
a) Distilling and freezing
b) Distilling and condensation reflux
c) Freezing and condensation reflux
d) Only condensation reflux
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Answer: b
Explanation: Distillation is the process where it consists of two processes of distilling and condensation reflux. It is usually carried out in distillation column, the gas-liquid two-phase flow through the countercurrent contact.

2. What are the basic methods of distillation?
a) Fractional distillation and simple distillation
b) Fractional distillation, destructive distillation and simple distillation
c) Steam distillation, simple distillation and gas distillation
d) Steam distillation and destructive distillation
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Answer: b
Explanation: Simple distillation, fractional distillation where different volatile fractions are collected as during the process and destructive distillation where a material is heated so that it decomposes into compounds for collection.

3. Who discovered distillation?
a) Jabir ibn Hayyan
b) Guldberg and Waage
c) Charles Chamberland
d) Clarence Birdseye
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Answer: a
Explanation: Jabir ibn Hayyan discovered distillation. Guldberg and Waage recognized that chemical equilibrium. Clarence Birdseye developed freezing process. Charles Chamberland developed steam pressure sterilizer.

4. What apparatus is used in distillation?
a) Distillation flask, condenser, collection vessel
b) Distillation flask, condenser
c) Condenser, collection vessel
d) Distillation flask, column
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Answer: a
Explanation: Distillation apparatus consists of three units, they are distillation flask which is used for heating the mixture and volatizing the components. Next is condenser for cooling the vapors back to liquid state and lastly collection vessel for collecting the end product.

5. Where is the double distillation method used?
a) To prepare distilled water for laboratory purposes
b) To produce distilled water for commercial purposes
c) To produce wine for commercial purposes
d) To produce coffee for commercial purposes
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Answer: a
Explanation: Double distillation consists of flak with heating elements. It is used for carrying out the reactions under stirred conditions besides furnishing for reflux distillation. It is used to prepare distilled water for laboratory research.

6. What is the distillate in distillation?
a) Vapor collected from the mixture
b) Liquid present in the distillation column
c) Vapor introduced during distillation process
d) Liquid introduced during distillation process
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Answer: a
Explanation: A distillate in the distillation process is defined as the vapor in a distillation column that is collected and condensed into a liquid and collected in the collecting flask.

7. Why is steel wool used in fractional distillation?
a) Increases the surface area
b) Improves the separation between the liquids
c) Increases the surface area and improves the separation between the liquids
d) Increases the surface area and the quality of the distillate
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Answer: c
Explanation: Fractionating column is filled with a packing material like glass, steel wool and plastic beads. It increases the surface area and improves the separation between the liquids being distilled.

8. Does vacuum distillation higher boiling point?
a) True
b) False
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Answer: b
Explanation: The vacuum distillation happens at a considerable reduced pressure, therefore reduces the boiling point of a substance.

9. Which of the following is produced by triple distillation method?
a) Coffee
b) Beer
c) Whisky
d) Wine
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Answer: c
Explanation: Triple distillation is defined as the process where smooth whiskies are manufactured. Through refining the spirit over three distillations, it concentrates a particular fraction of flavorful compounds and aromatic substance that results in a very smoother taste.

10. Why porcelain pieces are used in distillation?
a) To have uniform boiling
b) To hasten the process
c) To add weight for the substance
d) To absorb excess heat from the flask
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Answer: a
Explanation: The porcelain pieces or the glass beads are put in the distillation flask in the beginning to have uniform boiling throughout the solution and avoid bumping of the solution due to uneven heating.

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