Plant Biotechnology Questions and Answers – History and Overview

This set of Plant Biotechnology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “History and Overview”.

1. Which of the following botanist first attempted to cultivate plant tissue culture cells in vitro?
a) Laibach
b) Schwann and Schleiden
c) Hannig
d) Gotlieb Haberlandt
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Answer: d
Explanation: Laibach applied embryo culture in interspecific crosses of Linum, Schwann and Scheilden had put forward Totipotency theory, Hannig was the one who first attempted embryo culture of selected crucifers and Gotlieb Haberlandt was the first German Physiologist to attempt plant tissue culture in vitro.

2. On which property Plant cell culture is based?
a) Cell Proliferation
b) Cell Totipotency
c) Germination
d) Cell Differentiation
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Answer: b
Explanation: Cell proliferation is the increase in the number of cells. Cell totipotency is the ability of plant cell to regenerate into a whole plant. Germination is the process by which plant grows from a seed and cell differentiation is the process in which less specific cell type becomes more specific.

3. Who developed the ‘paper-raft nurse technique’ in which single isolated cells are cultured?
a) Muir
b) Maheshwari and Guha
c) Steward and Reinert
d) Braun
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Answer: a
Explanation: Maheswari and Guha developed the anther culture for the production of haploid plants. Muir developed paper-raft nurse technique in which a single cell was placed on filter paper which kept on growing actively to nurse tissue. Steward and Reinert first discovered the production of the somatic embryo in vitro. Braun performed in vitro culture of crown gall tissue.

4. Who coined the term Biotechnology?
a) Gregor Mendel
b) Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
c) Jean-Baptiste Lamarck
d) Karl Ereky
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Answer: d
Explanation: Gregor Mendel began the study of genetics using seeds and plant experiments. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is the father/mother of Indian Biotechnology. Jean-Baptiste Lamarck coined the term Biology and Karl Ereky coined the term Biotechnology.

5. The growth of Plant tissues in artificial media is called as _____
a) Plant tissue culture
b) Micropropagation
c) Transgenesis
d) Germination
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Answer: a
Explanation: Plant tissue culture is a technique of growing plant parts in an artificial medium which contain all the essential nutrients for the growth whereas in micropropagation plant tissues are used.

6. Plant Biotechnology is ________
a) Creating thousands of plants through tissue culture
b) Cell division and multiplication
c) Introduction of desirable traits into the plant parts through genetic modification
d) Somatic Hybridization
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Answer: c
Explanation: Plant biotechnology is the introduction of desirable traits into the plant parts through genetic modification. Somatic hybridization is the technique of manipulation of cellular genome through protoplast fusion.

7. Transgenic plants are developed by ______
a) Gene mutation
b) Gene Deletion
c) Introducing foreign genes
d) Chromosome deletion
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Answer: c
Explanation: Transgenic plants are developed by introducing one or more foreign genes into the genome of the plant using different genetic engineering techniques like biolistic method, agrobacterium based method etc.

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