C++ Programming Internship

Sanfoundry offers internships in "C++ Programming". Read the complete details below regarding the internship requirements, eligibility criterior and the application process.

Pre-requisite / Skillset for C++ Programming Internship

1. Intern must have basic knowledge on Object Oriented Programming concepts using the C++ language.

2. The principles of data abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism should be known.


3. Should be aware of virtual functions and polymorphism.

4. Adequate knowledge on formatted I/O and unformatted I/O is needed.

5. The concept of exception handling should be known.

6. Should be capable of describing the procedural and object oriented paradigm with concepts of streams, classes, functions, data and objects.


7. Should have knowledge on dynamic memory management techniques using pointers, constructors, destructors, etc.

8. Should have adequate knowledge on concepts like function overloading, operator overloading, virtual functions and polymorphism.

9. Ability to classify inheritance with the understanding of early and late binding, usage of exception handling, generic programming.

10. Should be able to demonstrate the use of various OOPs concepts with the help of programs.

C++ Programming Internship Test


Intern has to take C++ internship test in which they will be asked 50 multiple-choice questions. They have to score grade A or A* on this test to be eligible for the internship. Here’s a sample set of questions on the C++ topic.

1. A language which has the capability to generate new data types are called ________________
(A) Extensible
(B) Overloaded
(C) Encapsulated
(D) Reprehensible
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Answer: A
Explanation: Languages that can produce/generate new data types are called extensible languages as they have the ability to handle new data types.

2. What does modularity mean?
(A) Hiding part of program
(B) Subdividing program into small independent parts
(C) Overriding parts of program
(D) Wrapping things into single unit
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Answer: B
Explanation: Modularity means dividing a program into independent sub programs so that it can be invoked from other parts of the same program or any other program.

3. Which of the following is an abstract data type?
(A) int
(B) float
(C) class
(D) string
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Answer: C
Explanation: Class is used as an abstract data type as it can be used to give implementation independent view whereas no other data type can be used to provide this.

4. Which of the following is correct?
(A) A class is an instance of its objects
(B) An object is an instance of its class
(C) A class is an instance of the data type that the class have
(D) An object is an instance of the data type of the class
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Answer: B
Explanation: An object is an instance of a class i.e. an object represents a class i.e. what class has(data members) and what it can do(member functions).

5. Which of the following is correct about new and malloc?
i) new is an operator whereas malloc is a function
ii) new calls constructor malloc does not
iii) new returns required pointer whereas malloc returns void pointer and needs to be typecast
(A) i and ii
(B) ii and iii
(C) i and iii
(D) i, ii and iii
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Answer: D
Explanation: All the statements about the new and malloc are correct. new is an operator whereas malloc() is a function. The constructor is called when new is used and new returns required type memory pointer.

Practice the full set of C++ Multiple Choice Questions before applying for the internship.

How to apply for the C++ Internship

1. Read the Sanfoundry Internship FAQs


2. Take the C++ Internship Test

3. Submit the Internship Application Form

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