Ocean & Naval Engineering Internship - Mar-2024

Ocean & Naval Engineering Internship

Sanfoundry offers internships to students of the Ocean & Naval Engineering branch. The shortlisted interns will be working towards the creation of useful artifacts like questions and answers, tutorials, as well as solving problems in Ocean & Naval Engineering. Read frequently asked questions on our internship here and then apply for the internship in the subject of your choice below.

Internships in Core Ocean & Naval Engineering Subjects

  • Thermodynamics
  • Basic Electronics
  • Machine Design
  • Hydrostatics & Stability
  • Marine Hydrodynamics
  • Elements of Ocean Engineering
  • Resistance & Propulsion
  • Marine Construction & Welding
  • Marine Structures
  • Motion & Control
  • Marine Design
  • Marine Production
  • Marine Materials
  • Marine Systems
  • Computer Aided Design & Production

Ocean & Naval Engineering Internships on Elective Subjects

  • Enviromental Management
  • advertisement
  • High Performance Marine Vehicle
  • Port Infrastructure and Management
  • Fishing Vessel Technology
  • Inland Water Transportation
  • Submarines and Submersibles

Internships on Advanced Topics in Ocean & Naval Engineering

  • Industrial Management
  • Business Fundamentals & Economics
  • Vibration & Noise
  • Marine Power Plant
  • Physical Oceanography
  • Automation & Control Theory

Here is full detail of Sanfoundry Internship Program.

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