JavaScript Internship

Sanfoundry offers internships in "JavaScript". Read the complete details below regarding the internship requirements, eligibility criterior and the application process.

Pre-requisite / Skillset for JavaScript Internship

1. Intern must be able to identify the three layers of the web.

2. Should know how to use operators, variables, arrays, control structures, functions and objects in JavaScript.


3. Ability to Map HTML using the DOM – Document Object Model.

4. Should be able to identify popular JavaScript Libraries.

5. Must be able to create dynamic styles.

6. Capable of creating animation on a web page.


7. Should be able to use regular expressions for form validation.

8. Should know how to debug using firebug.

9. Ability to create an XML Http Request Object.

JavaScript Internship Test

Intern has to take JavaScript internship test in which they will be asked 50 multiple-choice questions. They have to score grade A or A* on this test to be eligible for the internship. Here’s a sample set of questions on the JavaScript topic.


1. A proper scripting language is a __________
(A) High level programming language
(B) Assembly level programming language
(C) Machine level programming language
(D) Low level programming language
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Answer: A
Explanation: JavaScript is a high-level programming language that is interpreted by another program at runtime rather than compiled by the computer’s processor. Scripting languages, which can be embedded within HTML, commonly are used to add functionality to a Web page, such as different menu styles or graphics displays or to serve dynamic advertisements.

2. Which of the following is not considered as an error in JavaScript?
(A) Syntax error
(B) Missing of semicolons
(C) Division by zero
(D) Missing of Bracket
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Answer: C
Explanation: Division by zero is not an error in JavaScript: it simply returns infinity or negative infinity. There is one exception, however: zero divided by zero does not have a well defined value, and the result of this operation is the special not-a-number value, printed as NaN.

3. An expression that can legally appear on the left side of an assignment expression.” is a well known explanation for variables, properties of objects, and elements of arrays. They are called ___________
(A) Properties
(B) Prototypes
(C) Lvalue
(D) Definition
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Answer: C
Explanation: lvalue is a historical term that means “an expression that can legally appear on the left side of an assignment expression.” In JavaScript, variables, properties of objects, and elements of arrays are lvalues.

4. When an empty statement is encountered, a JavaScript interpreter __________
(A) Ignores the statement
(B) Prompts to complete the statement
(C) Throws an error
(D) Shows a warning
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Answer: A
Explanation: The JavaScript interpreter takes no action when it executes an empty statement. The empty statement is occasionally useful when you want to create a loop that has an empty body.

5. What are the three important manipulations done in a for loop on a loop variable?
(A) Updation, Incrementation, Initialization
(B) Initialization, Testing, Updation
(C) Testing, Updation, Testing
(D) Initialization, Testing, Incrementation
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Answer: B
Explanation: In a for loop, the initialization, the test, and the update are the three crucial manipulations of a loop variable. Firstly the loop initialiases the variable then test the condition and then after executing the statement increments its value.

Practice the full set of JavaScript Multiple Choice Questions before applying for the internship.

How to apply for the JavaScript Internship

1. Read the Sanfoundry Internship FAQs

2. Take the JavaScript Internship Test


3. Submit the Internship Application Form

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