Chemical Technology Questions and Answers – C1 Compounds – Perchloroethylene

This set of Chemical Technology Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “C1 Compounds – Perchloroethylene”.

1. What is the molecular weight of per chloro ethylene?
a) 166
b) 165
c) 154
d) 152
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Answer: a
Explanation: Molecular formula of tri chloro ethylene is Cl2C=CCl2. As it contains 4 chlorine atoms, and 2 carbon atoms the molecular weight is 35.5*4+12*2=166.

2. Per chloro ethylene is miscible with alcohols and ethers.
a) True
b) False
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Answer: b
Explanation: Per chloro ethylene is slightly soluble in water and it is not miscible with water. It is miscible with ethers and alcohols. It is available in technical grade form only.

3. Which type of electrode furnace is used in pyrolysis of carbon tetrachloride?
a) Carbon electrode furnace
b) Zinc electrode furnace
c) Aluminum electrode furnace
d) Iron electrode furnace
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Answer: a
Explanation: Carbon electrode furnace is used in pyrolysis of carbon tetra chloride. Pyrolysis products are hexa chloro ethane, per chloro ethylene, and chlorine along with unreacted carbon tetra chloride.

4. Which of the following is one of the pyrolysis products of CCl4?
a) Tetra chloro ethane
b) Tri chloro ethane
c) Per chloro ethane
d) Hexa chloro ethane
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Answer: d
Explanation: Hexa chloro ethane is one of the pyrolysis products of carbon tetra chloride. The other products are per chloro ethylene and chlorine with some unreacted carbon tetra chloride.

5. Which of the following statements regarding contact time in pyrolysis furnace design are true?
a) Hexa chlor yields are high at low contact time
b) Destructive formation of carbon takes place at low contact time
c) Hexa chlor yields are high, if the contact time is large
d) Destructive formation of light ends takes place when the contact time is low
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Answer: a
Explanation: When the contact time is low, hexa chlor yields are high and when contact time is large, destructive formation of light ends and carbon takes place in pyrolysis furnace design.
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