FCoE – Fibre Channel over Ethernet Training

Course Name
FCoE – Fibre Channel over Ethernet Training

Course Overview
This course on FCoE Fibre Channel over Ethernet training is designed for people who work on development, testing and verification of FCoE protocol. Participants will learn the internals of FCoE protocol that helps them with a much better understanding of their current FCoE work.

Target Audience

  • Professionals and Students who are working in Storage/Networking/IT Domain
  • Developers, Testers/QA and Verification Engineers who are working on or keen to know Fibre Channel over Ethernet

Fee, Schedule & Registration
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FCoE – Fibre Channel over Ethernet Training Course Outline

Introduction to Fibre Channel over Ethernet
Cable management recommendations
Enabling technologies
– Converged Network Adapter
– Fibre Channel Forwarder
– FIP Snooping Bridge
– Data Center Bridging (DCB)
– Priority Flow Control and PAUSE
– Data Center Bridging eXchange
– FCoE encapsulation
– FCoE Initialization Protocol (FIP)
Physical connectivity options for FCoE
– Optical (fiber) cable
– Twinax (copper) cable
Logical connectivity options
– FCoE fabrics
– Supported connectivity options
Ethernet Basics
Ethernet history
– Communication modes of operation
– Ethernet devices
– Auto-negotiation
– Gigabit Ethernet
– 10GBaseT
– 40GbE technology
– OSI networking protocol
– Ethernet frame-based protocol
Ethernet switching concepts
– Fibre Channel switching versus Ethernet bridging
– Gratuitous ARP
– Unicast flood
– Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
– Link Aggregation
– Access Control Lists
Ethernet fabric
– Ethernet fabric overview
– Transparent Interconnect of Lots of Links (TRILL)
– Brocade VCS Fabric technology
– Description
– History
– 802.1Q — VLAN tagging
EMC Storage in an FCoE Environment
FCoE connectivity
EMC Storage in an FCoE Environment
– Symmetrix VMAX
– VNX series
Prior to installing FCoE I/O module
– VNX and CX4
Supported topologies for FCoE storage connectivity
FCoE storage connectivity best practices and limitations
– Best practices
– Limitations
FCoE storage connectivity requirements and support
– Supported switches
– Cabling support
Solutions in an FCoE Environment
EMC RecoverPoint with Fibre Channel over Ethernet
– RecoverPoint replication in an FCoE environment
– Continuous remote replication using a VNX series or
– CLARiiON splitter
– Continuous data protection using a host-based splitter
– Concurrent local and remote data protection using an
– Intelligent fabric-based splitter
– Related documentation
EMC Celerra Multi-Path File System in an FCoE environment
– Introduction
– EMC Celerra Multi-Path File System (MPFS)
– Setting up MPFS in an FCoE environment on a Linux host
– MPFS in an FCoE environment using Cisco Nexus
– Switches with redundant path
– Setting up MPFS in an FCoE environment on a Windows 2003 SP2 host
Troubleshooting Basic FCoE and CEE Problems and Case Studies
Troubleshooting basic FCoE and CEE problems
– Process flow
– Documentation
– Creating questions
– Creating worksheets
– Log messages
– OSI layers
– FC layers
– Connectivity problems
– Physical interface status
– Interface errors
– MAC layer
– Understanding FCoE phases
– Fcping and fctraceroute commands
– Upper layer protocol
FCoE and CEE troubleshooting case studies
– Case Study #1, Unable to access the LUNs/devices
– Case Study #2, Unable to access a shared folder in the file server

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