VRRP – Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol Training

Course Name
VRRP – Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol Training

Course Overview
This course on VRRP Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol training is designed for people who work on development, testing and verification of VRRP protocol. Participants will learn the internals of VRRP protocol that helps them with a much better understanding of their current VRRP work.

Target Audience

  • Professionals and Students who are working in Storage/Networking/IT Domain
  • Developers, Testers/QA and Verification Engineers who are working on or keen to know Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol

Fee, Schedule & Registration
Click Here for VRRP – Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol Training course, training schedule, fee and registration information.

VRRP – Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol Training Course Outline

IPvX Address Backup
Preferred Path Indication
Minimization of Unnecessary Service Disruptions
Efficient Operation over Extended LANs
Sub-Second Operation for IPv4 and IPv6
VRRP Overview
Sample Configurations
Sample Configuration 1
Sample Configuration 2
VRRP Packet Format
– IPv4 Field Descriptions
– Source Address
– Destination Address
– Protocol
– IPv6 Field Descriptions
– Source Address
– Destination Address
– Hop Limit
– Next Header
VRRP Field Descriptions
– Version
– Type
– Virtual Rtr ID (VRID)
– Priority
– Count IPvX Addr
– Rsvd
– Maximum Advertisement Interval (Max Adver Int)
– Checksum
– IPvX Address(es)
Protocol State Machine
Parameters Per Virtual Router
State Transition Diagram
State Descriptions
– Initialize
– Backup
– Master
Sending and Receiving VRRP Packets
Receiving VRRP Packets
Transmitting VRRP Packets
Virtual Router MAC Address
IPv6 Interface Identifiers
Operational Issues
– ICMP Redirects
– Host ARP Requests
– Proxy ARP
– ICMPv6 Redirects
– ND Neighbor Solicitation
– Router Advertisements
– Potential Forwarding Loop
– Recommendations Regarding Setting Priority Values
VRRPv3 and VRRPv2 Interoperation
– Assumptions
– VRRPv3 Support of VRRPv2
– VRRPv3 Support of VRRPv2 Considerations
– Slow, High-Priority Masters
– Overwhelming VRRPv2 Backups
Security Considerations

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