MPLS – Multi-Protocol Label Switching Training

Course Name
MPLS – Multi-Protocol Label Switching Training

Course Overview
This course on MPLS Multi-Protocol Label Switching training is designed for people who work on development, testing and verification of MPLS protocol. Participants will learn the internals of MPLS protocol that helps them with a much better understanding of their current MPLS work.

Target Audience

  • Professionals and Students who are working in Storage/Networking/IT Domain
  • Developers, Testers/QA and Verification Engineers who are working on or keen to know Multi-Protocol Label Switching

Fee, Schedule & Registration
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MPLS – Multi-Protocol Label Switching Training Course Outline

MPLS Basics
Upstream and Downstream LSRs
Labeled Packet
Label Assignment and Distribution
Attributes of a Label Binding
Label Distribution Protocols
Unsolicited Downstream vs. Downstream-on-Demand
Label Retention Mode
The Label Stack
The Next Hop Label Forwarding Entry (NHLFE)
Incoming Label Map (ILM)
Label Swapping
Scope and Uniqueness of Labels
Label Switched Path (LSP), LSP Ingress, LSP Egress
Penultimate Hop Popping
LSP Next Hop
Invalid Incoming Labels
LSP Control: Ordered versus Independent
Route Selection
Lack of Outgoing Label
Time-to-Live (TTL)
Loop Control
Label Encodings
– MPLS-specific Hardware and/or Software
– ATM Switches as LSRs
– Interoperability among Encoding Techniques
Label Merging
– Non-merging LSRs
– Labels for Merging and Non-Merging LSRs
– Merge over ATM
– Methods of Eliminating Cell Interleave
– Interoperation: VC Merge, VP Merge, and Non-Merge
Tunnels and Hierarchy
– Hop-by-Hop Routed Tunnel
– Explicitly Routed Tunnel
– LSP Tunnels
– Hierarchy: LSP Tunnels within LSPs
– Label Distribution Peering and Hierarchy
Label Distribution Protocol Transport
Why More than one Label Distribution Protocol?
– BGP and LDP
– Labels for RSVP Flowspecs
– Labels for Explicitly Routed LSPs
Some Applications of MPLS
MPLS and Hop by Hop Routed Traffic
– Labels for Address Prefixes
– Distributing Labels for Address Prefixes
– Label Distribution Peers for an Address Prefix
– Distributing Labels
– Using the Hop by Hop path as the LSP
– LSP Egress and LSP Proxy Egress
– The Implicit NULL Label
– Option: Egress-Targeted Label Assignment
MPLS and Explicitly Routed LSPs
– Explicitly Routed LSP Tunnels
Label Stacks and Implicit Peering
MPLS and Multi-Path Routing
LSP Trees as Multipoint-to-Point Entities
LSP Tunneling between BGP Border Routers
Other Uses of Hop-by-Hop Routed LSP Tunnels
MPLS and Multicast
Label Distribution Procedures (Hop-by-Hop)
The Procedures for Advertising and Using labels
– Downstream LSR: Distribution Procedure
– PushUnconditional
– PushConditional
– PulledUnconditional
– PulledConditional
– Upstream LSR: Request Procedure
– RequestNever
– RequestWhenNeeded
– RequestOnRequest
– Upstream LSR: Not Available Procedure
– RequestRetry
– RequestNoRetry
– Upstream LSR: Release Procedure
– ReleaseOnChange
– NoReleaseOnChange
– Upstream LSR: label Use Procedure
– Downstream LSR: Withdraw Procedure
MPLS Schemes: Supported Combinations of Procedures
– Schemes for LSRs that Support Label Merging
– Schemes for LSRs that do not Support Label Merging
– Interoperability Considerations
Security Considerations

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