PCIe Storage Technology Training

Course Name
PCIe Storage Technology Training

Course Overview
This course PCIe Storage Technology Training guides you through the maze of information surrounding PCIe-based storage and the current state of SCSIe, SATAe, and NVMe. It takes a direct path through the PCIe architecture, its connectivity and configurations, the register interfaces and how it applies to SSDs. This course also covers the basics of each attachment method, protocol, and operational characteristics of current/future PCIe-based storage devices.

Target Audience

  • Management, Pre/Post-support engineers, call center or typical L2 support personnel. Course also provides the major building blocks to assist anyone in designing, architecting, developing, testing, and implementing high performance low latency applications
  • Developers, Testers/QA and Verification Engineers who are working on or keen to know PCIe Storage Technology

Fee, Schedule & Registration
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PCIe Storage Technology Training Course Outline

PCIe Technical Overview
Architectural Overview
Electrical Basics
– 8GTps Electrical Challenges
– Electrical Testing PCIe 3.0
Phy Layer
– Phy Logical and Encoding
– Link layer and byte striping
Transport Layer Protocols
Protocol Multiplexing
Data Center Fabric
– Clustering
I/O Virtualization Overview
– IOV Protocol
– Post 3.0 Protocols
Express Module
– PCIe 3.0 Cards
Cable Specification
Connector Specification: SFF-8639
PCI Express Registers
PCI Power Management Capabilities
Message Signaled Interrupt Capability
MSI-X Capability
PCI Express Capability
Advanced Error Reporting Capability
SSD Technology Overview
NVM, SATA and SCSI Express comparison
Architecture and features
PCIe-based solutions and applications
Advantages and disadvantages
Controller registers
Controller architecture
Memory structures
Admin commands
NVM commands
Features and Error Reporting/Recovery
SATA Express
HBA and Port registers
Data transfers operations
Error reporting and recovery
Power management and hot plugging
Port multiplier support
ATA/ATAPI operations
SCSI Express
SCSI over PCIe® Architecture (SOP)
– SOP Device classes
– SCSI Mapping to SOP
– Bridges
– PCIe queuing layer services
– SOP Admin Information Units
– SOP Command Protocol IUs
PCIe® architecture Queuing Interface (PQI)
Queuing model
Interrupts and MSI-X mode
PQI device registers
IQ CI, PI, OQ structures
PQI IU header and scatter gather list (SGL)
Administrator Information Units and functions

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