Advanced Bash Scripting Training

Bash Shell Scripting Training
Course Name
Advanced Bash Scripting Training – Shell Scripting on Linux

Course Overview
Advanced Bash Shell Training course focuses on Linux System Administrators who have to take care of entire Linux system. Knowledge of Bash shell Scripting is a must for every Linux Sysadmin so that they can write effective scripts/programs in Bash to automate various day-to-day jobs.

This advanced course on Bash shell scripting is an in-depth coverage of Bash. It starts with basics of shell scripting but immediately jumps to advanced features of Bash that is exploited by many Senior system administrators for managing their Linux Server installations.

Course Delivery

  • The course will be delivered by our Founder & CTO who is an Expert with 20+ years of experience in Linux Kernel and SAN software development.
  • 50% Theory, 50% Lab
  • Hands-On – 50+ Lab exercises and Assignments on Linux Bash Scripting and Troubleshooting
  • Location: Sanfoundry Institute, Bangalore, India

Course Duration
2 days

Target Audience

  • Professionals, Freshers and Students who want to learn and Master Linux Environment
  • Linux System Administrators, Linux Developers, Linux Testers and Support Personnel
  • Professionals moving from Microsoft Windows Power Shell environment to Linux Environment
  • Professionals moving from other Unixes (IBM AIX, Oracle Solaris, HP’s HPUX, Mac) to Linux Environment
  • RHEL / Ubuntu/ LPIC-1 / LPIC-2 / LPIC-3 Certified Professionals
  • Hackers who want to Exploit the System

Course Pre-requisite
None. Anybody who want to make a career in Linux should take this course.


Fee, Schedule & Registration
Click Here for Advanced Bash Scripting course training schedule, fee and registration information.

Advanced Bash Scripting Training Course Outline

Shell Basic

Special Character

Introduction to Variables and Parameter
– Variable Substitution
– Variable Assignment
– Bash Variables Un-type
– Special Variable Type

Shell Quotes
– Quoting Variable
– Escaping

Exit and Exit Status
Test Operator
– Test Construct
– File test operator
– Other Comparison Operator
– Nested if/then Condition Test

Bash Shell Operations
– Operator
– Numerical Constant
– The Double-Parentheses Construct
– Operator Precedence

Shell – Beyond Basic
– Another Look at Variable
– Internal Variable
– Typing variables: declare or typeset
– Another use for declare
– $RANDOM: generate random integer

Manipulating Variables in Shell
– Manipulating String
– Manipulating strings using awk scripting
– Parameter Substitution


Bash Shell Loops and Branches
– Loop
– Nested Loop
– Loop Control
– Testing and Branching

Command Substitution

Arithmetic Expansion

Shell Commands
– Internal Commands and Builtin
– Job Control Command

External Filters, Programs and Command
– Basic Command
– Complex Command
– Time / Date Command
– Text Processing Command
– File and Archiving Command
– Communications Command
– Terminal Control Command
– Math Command
– Other Commands

System and Administrative Command
– /etc/rc* directories
Regular Expressions in Bash
– Introduction to Regular Expression
– Globbing


Here Document

I/O Redirection
– Using exec
– Redirecting Code Block


Restricted Shell

Process Substitution

Functions in Bash
– Local Variable
– Local variables and recursion
– Recursion Without Local Variable


List Construct


Indirect References

/dev and /proc
– Importance of /dev
– /proc directory

Network Programming Examples

Zeros and Null for Admins
Bash Debugging & Options

Useful Shell Programming Tips
– Interactive and non-interactive shells and script
– Shell Wrapper
– Tests and Comparisons
– Optimization of the Script

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Manish Bhojasia - Founder & CTO at Sanfoundry
Manish Bhojasia, a technology veteran with 20+ years @ Cisco & Wipro, is Founder and CTO at Sanfoundry. He lives in Bangalore, and focuses on development of Linux Kernel, SAN Technologies, Advanced C, Data Structures & Alogrithms. Stay connected with him at LinkedIn.

Subscribe to his free Masterclasses at Youtube & discussions at Telegram SanfoundryClasses.