7 Best Books on Fiber Channel Storage and Protocol

We have compiled a list of the Best Reference Books on Fiber Channel Storage and Protocol, which are used by students of top universities, and colleges. This will help you choose the right book depending on if you are a beginner or an expert. Here is the complete list of Fiber Channel Storage and Protocol Books with their authors, publishers, and an unbiased review of them as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase them. If permissible, you can also download the free PDF books on Fiber Channel Storage and Protocol below.

1."Designing Storage Area Networks: A Practical Reference for Implementing Fibre Channel and IP SANs" by Tom Clark
“Designing Storage Area Networks: A Practical Reference for Implementing Fibre Channel and IP SANs” Book Review: This is an enhanced version of the book “Designing Storage Area Network”, featuring updates on fiber channel fabrics, IP SANs, and storage virtualization. The book presents storage area networks as the optimal solution for meeting a broad spectrum of crucial data storage needs. It provides details on the successful deployment of SANs and their configuration by top companies such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Sun, Dell, and more. Furthermore, it delves into the performance, high availability, and backup of storage data within SANs, as well as discussing SAN interfaces.

2."Fibre Channel for SANs" by Alan Frederic Benner
“Fibre Channel for SANs” Book Review: This book provides readers with an understanding of the Fibre Channel protocol theory prior to deploying a Storage Area Network (SAN). The book explains Fibre Channel as a high-performance interconnect standard and provides a step-by-step guide for designing and deploying a SAN. It outlines how Fibre Channel works, how it integrates with other protocols and systems, and how to implement it to create a SAN for fast access to mass storage. Additionally, the book explains how to create bandwidth-saving solutions for multimedia, such as voice, video, and animation. It includes timesaving illustrations and troubleshooting suggestions for the network.

3."Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks" by The Fibre Channel Association
“Fibre Channel Storage Area Networks” Book Review: This book provides a clear overview of Fibre Channel technology, describing it as a high-speed bus technology. It details how Fiber Channel technology can be used to connect storage devices and network servers to transfer large amounts of data quickly. Furthermore, the book covers the latest advancements in this field, highlighting its bi-directional data transfer capabilities that exceed one gigabit per second.

4."Fibre Channel: Connection To The Future" by Fibre Channel Association
5."Fibre Channel SAN (Security): Analyzing Security Features to Demystify Associated Myths and Risks" by Nitin Kotwal
“Fibre Channel SAN(Security): Analyzing Security Features to Demystify Associated Myths and Risks” Book Review: The book details SAN technology, which enables a high-speed network of servers. It covers fiber channel, a network technology that satisfies the growing need for faster data transfer. The book provides a concise overview of the fiber channel protocol, including its architecture and implementation. Additionally, it will be offered in video format for those taking the data storage network and security training course.

6."Linux on Zseries: Fibre Channel Protocol Implementation Guide" by IBM Redbooks
7."High-Speed Fiber Networks and Channels" by Kadiresan Annamalai
We have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Fiber Channel Storage and Protocol and came out with a recommended list and their reviews. If any more book needs to be added to this list, please email us. We are working on free pdf downloads for books on Fiber Channel Storage and Protocol and will publish the download link here. Fill out this Fiber Channel Storage and Protocol books pdf download" request form for download notification.

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