Energy Engineering Questions and Answers – Necessity of a Steam Plant


This set of Energy Engineering Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Necessity of a Steam Plant”.

1. Apart from geographical location, the amount of power generated in a country depends on ___________
a) Number of power producing plants
b) Annual consumption of power
c) Utilization of natural resources
d) Quantity of requirement
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Answer: c
Explanation: Since most of the power produced is from the natural resources, the estimation of amount of power generated in a country is made by the utilization of its natural resources. The ‘Annual consumption of power ‘would give you the details of power utilized for necessities, it is the amount of power utilized out of wholesome amount of total power produced in the country.

2. Total power generated is usually contributed by power generated through ____________
a) Hydel power plant, Thermal power plant and solar plant
b) Ocean thermal energy, Wind energy and Hydel power plant
c) Hydel power plant, Geo-thermal plant and Nuclear power plant
d) Hydel power plant, Thermal power plant and nuclear power plant
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Answer: d
Explanation: The energy or power produced from hydel power plant, thermal power plant and nuclear power plant is very abundant compared to any other combinations of power producing plants. All these three plants have ability to produce the power in thousands of megawatts in its own standards.

3. On what factors does hydel plant entirely depend?
a) Vegetation
b) Tropical cycle
c) Amount of Rainfall
d) Hydrological cycle
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Answer: d
Explanation: Hydrological cycle is an explanation of the continuous movement of water above and below earth surface, where as rainfall is not reliable since it varies period to period. The amount of water above the earth surface and below the earth surface, both are responsible for the hydrological cycle. ‘Vegetation’ is info about the assemblage of plant species irrespective of their geographic characteristics.

4. The steam power plant serves as a base plant for ________
a) Nuclear power plant
b) Geothermal power plant
c) Thermal power plant
d) Diesel plant
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Answer: a
Explanation: Since power is generated by nuclear power plant and the nuclear plant needs power to perform its operations. For this purpose steam power plant is used as base power plant to generate this power. The power produced base plant acts as a fuel to run the nuclear power plant. And all the cost estimation to produce the electricity is made by considering base load expenses too.

5. What is the primary objective of a steam power plant?
a) To convert one form of energy into another form
b) To produce electricity
c) To provide employment
d) To serve as a base load plant to hydel plant or nuclear plant
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Answer: b
Explanation: The primary objective of the steam power plant is to produce electricity and then serving as base load plant to hydel or nuclear power plant comes as second priority. Steam power plants produce 86% of electricity. And the efficiency of steam power plant is typically 33%-48%.

6. A steam power plant works on ___________ cycle.
a) Otto
b) Brayton
c) Hydrological
d) Rankine
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Answer: d
Explanation: Rankine cycle is a thermodynamic cycle of constant pressure engine that is to convert heat energy into mechanical work and from that following parts like adjoined blades and shafts are made to run to produce electricity. Otto cycle is used in automobile engine and Brayton cycle is used in heat engines & air jet engine.

7. Coal crushers are also known as__________
a) Lather
b) Coal combers
c) Feeder breakers
d) Coal washer
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Answer: c
Explanation: Coal crushers are also known as feeder breakers since it is elaborated by the word itself. ‘Feeder’ depicts the following component coal being fed by the hoppers and ‘Breaker’ stands for breaking off into smaller pieces. And this synonym is rarely used.

8. Road transportation of coal is preferred for what type of usage?
a) Small capacity plant
b) Medium capacity plant
c) Large capacity plant
d) Domestic usage areas
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Answer: a
Explanation: Road transportation of coal is ideal transporting coal directly to point of consumption. These small capacity plants are usually located in the middle of land. Trucks and tippers are used to supply coal for this purpose. And also when the plant doesn’t have railway or shipway accessibility in such areas roadways are only possible means of transportation.

9. Which is the more economical way of transporting coal?
a) Sea or River ways
b) Railways
c) Road transporting
d) By Airlifting
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Answer: b
Explanation: We do know shipways are cheaper. But we need another mode of transport to transfer that coal to the plant area. But in case of railways the tracks can be made to directly pass through the plant. Hence the railway is more economical compared to any other means of transport.

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