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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Disaster Mitigation and Management subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Disaster Mitigation and Management along with reviews.

Kindly note that we have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Disaster Mitigation and Management subject and came out with a recommended list of top 10 best books. The table below contains the Name of these best books, their authors, publishers and an unbiased review of books on "Disaster Mitigation and Management" as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase these books. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not impact our reviews, comparisons, and listing of these top books; the table serves as a ready reckoner list of these best books.

1. “Natural Hazards and Disaster Management: Vulnerability and Mitigation” by R B Singh

“Natural Hazards and Disaster Management: Vulnerability and Mitigation” Book Review: Strategy plan and execution. This is the place where this book comes in. It contains 22 parts as applied and observational contextual analyses from India and other created nations. The mix of hypothesis, examination and strategy makes this book prominently advantageous for anybody inspired by catastrophe weakness and relief along with observing and determining and strategy viewpoints. It would be valuable for understudies, scientists and instructors of geology, ecological examinations, catastrophe executives, structural designing and strategy science.

2. “Disaster Management and Mitigation” by Prof R B Singh

“DISASTER MITIGATION: EXPERIENCES AND REFLECTIONS” Book Review: This collection of articles from several contributors is a phenomenal investigation of various moderation systems. It offers knowledge into the various components of calamity readiness and moderation. The hidden exertion in every section is to enlighten the relevance of those moderation endeavors that would plan everybody related with fiasco the executives to appreciate and move toward the issue all the more comprehensively. Other than government organizations, NGOs, and local area based bodies, the book is appropriate for understudies seeking after the declaration program in Disaster Management.

4. “Disaster Management: Disaster Management and Mitigation approaches in india” by Paritosh Srivastava

“Disaster Management: Disaster Management and Mitigation approaches in india” Book Review: This book portrays a total depiction of different calamity contextual investigations that happen in India. Mitigation approaches received by Govt of India and NGO. The significant focal point of this book is on fundamental idea building and various sorts and approaches of catastrophe the executives. It will likewise help understudies seeking after courses in topography, fiasco the board, natural sciences, and sociologies. It offers a prepared and valuable manual for every one of those worried about fiasco readiness and the executives including local area based associations, heads, and engineers.

5. “Management and Mitigation of Natural Disasters” by Rajan Kumar Sahoo
6. “Disaster Mitigation and Management: Post-Tsunami Perspectives” by Jegadish P Gandhi

“Disaster Mitigation and Management: Post-Tsunami Perspectives” Book Review: This uncommon book, Disaster Mitigation and Management: Post-Tsunami Perspectives is to commemorate the decadal service (1996–2006) of Vellore Institute of Development Studies (VIDS). Extra useful just as illustrative media reports particularly following two-year memorable cataclysmic events have been added to develop the vital functional boundaries of fiasco relief and the board among individuals. Do’s and don’ts identified with Tsunami, quake, floods and weighty downpours are recorded as wary preventive measures. Further states Post-Tsunami rescue, help and recovery encounters by various governments, NGOs and contributor organizations have opened up new vistas in disaster mitigation and management strategies. The book summary is evident that the degree to which a populace is influenced by a cataclysm doesn’t lie in the actual segments of weakness, yet it is likewise context oriented to the common social and monetary conditions , and its significant impact on human exercises inside a given society.

7. “Disasters: Strengthening Community Mitigation and Preparedness” by Khanna B K

“Disasters: Strengthening Community Mitigation and Preparedness” Book Review: The book covers all the assignments of execution of the activity of teaching the way of life of readiness locally as they are the specialists on call on account of a catastrophe. The book incorporates, what, how, when and by whom ought to be done previously, during and after a debacle happens. The features of the book are: 1. A wide range of catastrophes going from tremors to psychological oppressor strikes, from atomic fiascos to metropolitan floods have been delineated. 2. Contextual investigations supporting all the disasters.3. Completely shown with satisfactory outlines, stream diagrams and shading photos etc.4. Circumstance and locale explicit necessities in instances of recovery and loss of executives. 5. Setting up and executing prerequisite explicit Disaster Management Plans. 6. Directing of falses on different sorts of apparent perceived disasters discovered their path in the book.

8. “Strengthening Resilience in Post – Disaster Situations: Stories, Experience and Lessons from South Asia” by IDRC

“Strengthening Resilience in Post – Disaster Situations: Stories, Experience and Lessons from South Asia” Book Review: This book presents the exercises and effects from an assortment of these undertakings. It describes concepts, techniques, cycles, and apparatuses so that they can be handily repeated and imparted to a more extensive crowd. This examination discloses that mid-to long haul intercessions, systems, and viable methodologies specifically are being planned and received to fabricate the strength of poor people. It depicts significant viable encounters and exercises from the field, catching a scope of intercessions from actualizing offices associated with post-fiasco restoration. It is contained 79 papers assembled into four segments: waterfront dangers and difficulties in South Asia; calamity hazard decrease and the consolidating of flexibility, alleviation, and variation; courses for building the limit of weak networks to withstand and remake from catastrophic events; and genuine post disaster recovery and versatility building projects that have prompted positive change at the local area level. This is an extraordinary asset for anybody worried about the debacle of the executives and restoration work, including understudies, analysts, policymakers, and individuals from nongovernmental associations.

9. “Disaster Management at Health Care Settings Comprehensive Assessment and Effective Mitigation” by Shreen Gaber

“Disaster Management at Health Care Settings Comprehensive Assessment and Effective Mitigation” Book Review: This book means to cause to notice the various kinds of fiascos; human made and common or (non preventable), notwithstanding give the proposed rules, systems that helps in dealing with these calamities. The medical care habitats generally quite possibly the most influenced public offices because of reliance of partners (patients) and expanding the progression of medical care searchers during the occasion of calamity. the analyst endeavors to compose the book in an exhaustive way.

10. “Disaster Education and Management” by Rajendra Kumar Bhandari

“Disaster Education and Management” Book Review: The book is explicitly composed for the youthful personalities since they are our best expected to be more secure tomorrow. The book is beautifully shown, as it offers a drive around to the universe of the entire scope of risks through work on educating learning measures, with less of instructing and a greater amount of learning. This is on the grounds that most pursuers couldn’t want anything more than to learn without really being instructed. The book is intended to exploit refined intelligence of hundreds of years to move and illuminate the average person to transform them into main players of more secure social orders. Senior residents, local area pioneers, self-prepared catastrophe administrators, social laborers, media staff, officials and those opposed to the actual considered perusing will likewise discover the book helpful as it is illustrative and welcoming.

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