Agriculture Questions and Answers – Crop Production – Sugarcane and Tobacco

This set of Agriculture Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Crop Production – Sugarcane and Tobacco”.

1. Amount of Oil in Sarson (rape) is _____
a) 35-48%
b) 30-33%
c) 35%
d) 27%
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Answer:: a
Explanation: The amount of oil in Sarson is 35-48%. Sarson is also known as Rape, its scientific name is Brassica compestris. Area of cultivation is U.P, Bihar, and W.B. The chromosome number is 20.

2. Corchorus capsularis is the scientific name for __________
a) White jute
b) Tossa jute
c) Mitha pat
d) Golden jute
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Answer:: a
Explanation: Corchorus capsularis is also known as White jute. It is a hardy plant, can tolerate water logging conditions. White jute is grown in the 70% of the area of the country.

3. Tropical cane is also known as __________
a) Saccharum officinarum
b) Saccharum baberi
c) Corchorus olitorius
d) Nicotiana tabacum
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Answer:: a
Explanation: Tropical cane is also known as Saccharum officinarum. It is thick and juicy canes and good for chewing purpose, indigenious to New Guinea, high sugar content, low fiber, restricted to tropical areas.

4. Which of the following countries ranks first in sugarcane production?
a) Brazil
b) India
c) China
d) Cuba
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Answer:: a
Explanation: Maximum sugarcane production is found in the country of Brazil. Brazil also ranks first in total area for sugarcane followed by India.

5. The other name for Indian cane is __________
a) Saccharum barberi
b) Saccharum officarum
c) Gossypium spp
d) Corchorus spp
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Answer:: a
Explanation: Saccharum barberi is also known as Indian cane. It is indigenous to north-eastern India. Short thin stalks, early maturity, low to medium in sucrose content.

6. Inflorescence of the sugarcane is known as __________
a) Raceme
b) Open panicle
c) Cymose
d) Quit
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Answer:: b
Explanation: The inflorescence of the sugarcane is an Open panicle type. In case of sugarcane it can also be called Arrow.

7. Sprouting method of planting sugarcane can also be called __________
a) Tjeblock method
b) Algin method
c) Partha method
d) Sablang method
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Answer:: d
Explanation: Sprouting method of planting sugarcane is also known as Sablang method. In this method tillers soon after they develop their own roots are separated from the mother plant and planted separately. It is successful in Java and Cuba.

8. Java method of sugarcane planting is also known as __________
a) Trench method
b) Algin method
c) Spaced method
d) Winter nursery method
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Answer:: a
Explanation: Java method of planting sugarcane is also known as Trench method. It is most common in Java, coastal areas and in areas where the crops grow very tall and strong winds, sets planted either in these trenches or in small furrows prepared in the center of these furrows.

9. What is the scientific name of Indian tobacco?
a) Nicotiana tabacum
b) Nicotiana tabaca
c) Nicotiana Tabacum
d) Nicotene
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Answer:: a
Explanation: Indian tobacco is also known as Nicotiana tabacum. The plant height is 150-250 cm. Large and narrow leaf. Texture of the leaf is fine. Nicotene content: 0.5-5.5%. Used for chewing and smoking purpose.

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