Agriculture Questions and Answers – Types of Cropping System

This set of Agriculture Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Types of Cropping System”.

1. Cropping pattern used on a farm and their interaction with farm resources, farm enterprises and technology is known as ________
a) Cropping System
b) Cropping Pattern
c) Farming System
d) Cropping Scheme
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Answer: a
Explanation: Cropping System = Cropping Pattern + Management. It changes when place and environment are changed. It means cropping system is location specific. It can also be said as cropping pattern and its management to derive benefits from a given resource base under specific environmental condition.

2. Growing of two or more crops simultaneously on same piece of land with a definite row arrangement is known as ________
a) Mixed Cropping
b) Intercropping
c) Mixed Farming
d) Multi Cropping
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Answer: b
Explanation: In Intercropping cropping intensity in space dimension is achieved. Such crops are generally taken with crops which have larger row interval. Intercropping includes parallel cropping, companion cropping, synergetic cropping.

3. What is a system of growing same crop on same land year after year is known as?
a) Relay Cropping
b) Monocropping
c) Parallel Cropping
d) Multilevel cropping
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Answer: b
Explanation: Monocropping also called as single cropping or monoculture. Here cropping intensity is 100%, (Cropping Intensity = Number of crops grown in a year × 100). In India cropping intensity is about 136%.

4. Sugarcane + Mustard + Onion / Potato is example of ___________
a) Multistoryed Cropping
b) Mixed Cropping
c) Synergetic Cropping
d) Sequence Cropping
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Answer: a
Explanation: Multistoryed Cropping or Multilevel Cropping is cultivation of two or more than two crops of different heights on a certain piece of land in a certain period. Sugarcane + Mustard + Onion / Potato is a typical example of Multistoryed Cropping.

5. To develop Mars (planet) according to Earth’s environment is called as __________
a) Terra-farming
b) Terra-cropping
c) Sustainable farming
d) Aeroponics
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Answer: a
Explanation: Terra-farming is also known as Terra-forming. At present bacteria and plants are being developed by creating the environmental conditions of Mars on the Earth.

6. The following diagram signifies ____________

a) Sequential Cropping
b) Mixed cropping
c) Parallel cropping
d) Crop Rotation
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Answer: a
Explanation: Sequential cropping is process of growing of two or more crops in quick succession on the same piece of land in a farming year. The sowing of the succeeding crop and harvesting of the preceding crop may be done simultaneously or in a quick succession, e.g. just after harvesting of Maize, Potato is sown and just after digging of Potato, Chilli is sown.

7. The following type of planting pattern is an example of ___________

a) Skip cropping
b) Contour cropping
c) Mixed cropping
d) Multistoryed cropping
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Answer: d
Explanation: Multistoryed cropping also known as Multitiered or Multilevel cropping. It is a system of cropping where short duration quick growing fruits and vegetables, food and fodder crops are grown in between the interspaces of principal horticulture fruits and plantation crops to utilize the leisure period of growth and development of the principal crops e.g. coconut + black pepper + cocoa + pineapple is the typical example of Multistoryed cropping system.

8. Which one of these is not a pillar of modern scientific cropping system?
a) Genotype
b) Geometry of Planting
c) Management Practices
d) Choice of Variety
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Answer: d
Explanation: Genotype means genetic makeup of seeds. Geometry of planting includes shape of planting pattern on the land surface. Shape of area available for individual plant, number of plants per unit area and management practices include choice of variety, method of stand establishment, pest management and harvest.

9. The technique where plants are grown without soil in the aerated moist atmosphere with the help of very small quantity of water is called ______
a) Geoponics
b) Hydroponics
c) Aeroponics
d) Terra Farming
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Answer: c
Explanation: Through this technique any plant can be grown at any time. Since plants are grown in clean and controlled atmosphere, there is no chance of spread of insecticides and diseases. It saves 98% water, 60% chemical fertilizer and 100% pesticides. Here seeds or propagules are hanged in the air and its roots are grown in controlled aerated atmosphere where roots are kept always moist with the nutrient rich spray.

10. Moong – Maize – Potato – Wheat is an example of which type of cropping pattern?
a) Multilevel Cropping
b) Multitiered Cropping
c) Relay Cropping Pattern
d) Sequence Cropping
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Answer: c
Explanation: Moong – Maize – Potato – Wheat is an example of Relay Cropping Pattern. It was suggested by Dr. Sher Singh Bains for the North West part of India.

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