Best Books – B.E/B.Tech – Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering Books

Aerospace engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design, development, and manufacture of planes and spacecraft. We have compiled a list of the best reference books on Aerospace Engineering for B.E/B.Tech students. These books are used by aerospace engineering students from top universities around the world and many other institutes and colleges.

Here’s the complete list of B.E/B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering books, which are arranged year and semester-wise. We have also listed down both core and elective subject books.

1st Year B.Tech Aerospace Engineering Books (1st & 2nd Semester)

The 1st year B.E/B.Tech subjects are common across various branches of engineering. You can check the full list of common engineering books for 1st year here.


2nd Year B.Tech Aerospace Engineering Books (3rd & 4th Semester)

3rd Semester Books

4th Semester Books

3rd Year B.Tech Aerospace Engineering Books (5th & 6th Semester)

5th Semester Books

6th Semester Books

6th Semester Elective Books

4th Year B.Tech Aerospace Engineering Books (7th & 8th Semester)

7th Semester Books


7th Semester Elective Books

8th Semester Books

8th Semester Elective Books


B.Tech Aerospace Engineering Books (Additional Core/Elective)

Core Books (Additional)

Elective Books (Additional)

Kindly note that we have put a lot of effort into researching the best reference books on all the subjects of B.E/B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering, and came out with a recommended list. If any more subjects need to be added to this list, please let us know.

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