29 Best Books on Total Quality Management

We have compiled a list of the Best Reference Books on Total Quality Management, which are used by students of top universities, and colleges. This will help you choose the right book depending on if you are a beginner or an expert. Here is the complete list of Total Quality Management Books with their authors, publishers, and an unbiased review of them as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase them. If permissible, you can also download the free PDF books on Total Quality Management below.

1. Total Quality Management

1."The Management and Control of Quality" by James R Evans and William M Lindsay
“The Management and Control of Quality” Book Review: The sixth edition of this book provides a supervisory position, with a blend of relevant technical topics. The book contains revised and understandable coverage of Six Sigma philosophy, concepts, and techniques. New chapters on Principles of Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma are included. This edition also covers most of the Body of Knowledge (BOK) required for ASQ certification as a Certified Quality Manager.

2."TQM – Text with Cases" by Oakland J S
“TQM: Text with Cases, Third Edition” Book Review: The book provides real life application techniques of total quality management strategy in all business activities. The third edition includes new material on process modelling, management etc. The book also includes implementation of total quality management. The book provides case studies highlighting the latest developments in the area.

3."Total Quality Management" by Suganthi L and Anand Samuel
“Total Quality Management” Book Review: this book is designed for engineering and management students. It would also be useful for the in-house training of engineers and managers of various industries and organizations on TQM. This is an understandable, student friendly book. This book is intended to function as a tool to achieve quality in organizations. The book follows a holistic approach. It also includes research findings carried out in industries and educational institutions. Various examples are also presented. Every chapter includes a case study and short question-answer. The book provides questions for group discussion, practical exercises and net based exercises given at the end of every chapter. This book can be used as a resource material for quality professionals and consultants.

4."Total Quality Management- Text and Cases" by Janakiraman B and Gopal R K
5."Total Quality Management" by Besterfield
6."Total Quality Management" by Mukherjee
“Total Quality Management” Book Review: The book is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students of management as well as students of most engineering disciplines. It can also be used by the industries as a guide. This book presents a comprehensive view of concepts, principles and practices of Total Quality Management (TQM), from basics to advanced. The book concludes with several examples of practical implementation of TQM principles and practices in various sectors.

8."Total Quality Management" by Vijayan
“Total Quality Management” Book Review: This book is designed for all undergraduate engineering students with diverse subject combinations. This book presents the important concepts of Total Quality Management in a compact and clear way.

9."Total Quality Management" by Dr K C Arora


2. New Total Quality Management

1."A New American TQM Four Practical Revolutions in Management" by Shoji Shiba
“A New American TQM Four Practical Revolutions in Management” Book Review: The book provides a comprehensive study of management theory and business success with latest methodologies and case studies. It focuses on development of skills in four major areas i.e. customer focus, continuous improvement, total participation, and societal networking. It deals with methods that enable dynamic implementation strategies, facilitate ongoing learning, and encourage continuous diffusion of evolving information and quality practices throughout an organization. The book features in-depth case studies on companies such as Analog Devices, Hewlett-Packard, Motorola, Teradyne, demonstrating actual implementation.

2."Managing for Total Quality" by N Logothetis
“Managing for Total Quality” Book Review: This textbook provides concise coverage on total quality management. It can help readers understand the basics of quality control, practical applications in industries and manufacturing firms. It covers both theory and analytical treatment and sheds light on the statistics involved in quality management. The coverage of the book includes on-line and off-line quality control, applications in service and manufacturing companies, statistical theory, Japanese approaches and Western standards, Management Tools for Quality, The Deming Approach to Management etc.

3."The Quality Improvement Hand Book" by Roger C Swanson
“The Quality Improvement HandBook” Book Review: This textbook provides a comprehensive set of tools and techniques to solve problems and improve processes in an organization. It provides detailed descriptions and instructions on the seven quality tools and seven management tools and more than additional twenty tools and techniques. The theory is presented in a cohesive manner, from basic descriptions to key points and applications. The textbook consists of a total of fifteen chapters supplemented with diagrams, block diagrams, surveys, summaries and references for further reading. Some of the chapters present in the book are: Work as a Process, Measures of Effectiveness, Quality Improvement Model, Idea Generation, Consensus etc.

4."Total Quality Management" by R S Naagarazan
“Total Quality Management” Book Review: This textbook provides a comprehensive coverage of various concepts surrounding quality management. It provides detailed theory, covering all the definitions and descriptions along with several examples to enhance understanding. The theory covered is supplemented with graphs and diagrams and step-by-step explanations. The book is organized into five chapters: Introduction, TQM Principles, Statistical Process Control, TQM Tools and Quality System. In addition, the textbook also includes short answer questions and worked out examples in appendix as well as references for further reading.

5."Total Quality Management SRM" by Subburaj
6."Total Quality Management" by S D Bagade
“Total Quality Management” Book Review: The book provides a comprehensive coverage of the basic aspects of TQM as well as Quality Assurance Plan for certain products. The textbook provides theory and applications of concepts in detail. It also covers current policies and practices in this regard. The book can help readers formulate a quality assurance plan for their products. The book also sheds light on the impact of globalization on manufacturing, consumers and quality control and the importance of quality management in the modern scenario. The chapters are supplemented with practical examples and illustrations.

7."Total Quality Management A Practical Approach" by H Lal
“Total Quality Management a Practical Approach” Book Review: This textbook sheds light on modern concepts and techniques of Total Quality Management. The text is not all theoretical in nature and emphasizes on practical applications and tools. It can serve as a valuable guide to engineers, production managers and supervisors in ensuring and managing quality in their products and increasing marketability and productivity. The book is written with focus on Indian market and needs and provides assistance to meet the competition in the domestic and export market.

8."Total Quality Management" by Dale H Besterfield
“Total Quality Management” Book Review: This textbook focuses on continuous improvement at various levels within an organization on quality and continuous flow of improvements for enhancing its capabilities and sustaining the global competition. The book also sheds lights on the historical perspective of the quality movement in India. The textbook contains a total of twenty chapters. Some of the chapters present in the book are: Leadership, Customer Satisfaction, Employee Involvement, Continuous Process Improvement, Supplier Partnership, Performance Measures, Tools and Techniques, Information Technology, Quality Management Systems etc. This book is for students doing MBA and PGDM programmes. This book focuses on encouraging a continuous flow of gradual improvements from the bottom of the organization’s hierarchy. The book also covers several technical topics relevant to the Indian industry.
9."Total Quality Management: The New Management Model (Portable Mba Series)" by Stephen George and Arnold Weimerskirch
10."Quality Management: Concepts, Techniques and Systems" by Bholanath Das
“Quality Management: Concepts, Techniques and Systems” Book Review: This textbook provides a comprehensive insight on the various aspects of quality management and its importance in the modern competitive business world. The book covers topics such as evolution and definition of quality management, its importance in business and industry, how to attain, maintain, and manage the quality of goods manufactured and services offered. The book elaborates on transforming management philosophy for integration of individual aspirations with organization’s excellence. This book can benefit professionals engaged in developing quality culture, academics, and students who are training or being trained for quality management. It can also be of use to practicing managers.


3. TQM and Reliability Engineering

1."TQM Engineering Handbook: 52 (Quality and Reliability)" by D H Stamatis
2."Quality Assurance and Reliability Engineering" by Michelle Vine
“Quality Assurance and Reliability Engineering” Book Review: The objective of the book is to give a very specific and advanced account of the important elements of quality control ethics. The book provides a basic account of different procedural concepts used in the designing of quality control techniques. The book gives models and concepts of quality control, specifically quality management and statically improvised models. The book is intended for undergraduates of industrial engineering.

3."Root Cause Analysis Improving Performance for Bottom-Line Results (Plant Engineering Series)" by Robert J Latino and Kenneth C Latino
“Root Cause Analysis Improving Performance for Bottom-Line Results (Plant Engineering Series)” Book Review: The book tells about how to identify, resolve, and eliminate the chronic issues that hinder the attainment of organizational goals. It tells about the physical, human, and latent causes of any undesirable event in the workplace. The book talks about Preserve event data, Order the Analysis team, Analyze the data using logic trees, Communicate findings and recommendations, and track for bottom-line results. It discusses the roles of management and RCA team, prioritizing the events to analyze, and automating the RCA process with their award-winning software. It also has case studies that show RCA’s potential.

4."The Handbook for Quality Management, Second Edition: A Complete Guide to Operational Excellence" by Thomas Pyzdek and Paul A Keller
“The Handbook for Quality Management, Second Edition: A Complete Guide to Operational Excellence” Book Review: The book gives guidance to the proper understanding and application of quality management in the current business environment. It defines quality management principles and their application within a cross section of industries in an easy manner. It gives detailed methods for planning, including customer needs recognition, benchmarking, and organizational assessments. It describes controls such as statistical process control, audits, and supply chain management. It explains the stages of continuous improvement.

5."Measurement and Calibration Requirements for Quality Assurance to ISO 9000 (Quality and Reliability Engineering Series)" by Alan S Morris
“Measurement and Calibration Requirements for Quality Assurance to ISO 9000 (Quality and Reliability Engineering Series)” Book Review: The book gives the description of the mechanisms for assessing the sources of measurement error and quantifying their effect allowing the engineer to pinpoint problems. It discusses the general principles of measurement and calibration procedures enabling the reader to formulate a quality control strategy. The book reviews the measurement and calibration procedures for process parameters qualifying the reader to select appropriate instruments. It covers environmental management systems satisfying ISO 14000 enabling companies to demonstrate their commitment to responsible manufacturing.

6."The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award: A Yardstick for Quality Growth (Engineering Process Improvement)" by Maureen S Heaphy and Gregory F Gruska
7."The Basics of Reliability (Basics (Productivity))" by Ronald Blank
8."Applying TQM to Product Design and Development: 46 (Quality and Reliability)" by Marvin Moss
9."The Next Phase of Total Quality Management: TQM II and the Focus on Profitability (Quality and Reliability)" by Robert E Stein
10."Recent Developments on Reliability, Maintenance and Safety: 108 (WIT Transactions on Engineering Sciences)" by H Z Huang and Y Liu
We have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Total Quality Management and came out with a recommended list and their reviews. If any more book needs to be added to this list, please email us. We are working on free pdf downloads for books on Total Quality Management and will publish the download link here. Fill out this Total Quality Management books pdf download" request form for download notification.

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