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1. “Modern Composite Materials” by L J Broutman and R M Krock
2. “Composite Materials – Science and Engineering” by K K Chawla

Book Review: This book describes in detail the different reinforcements like glass, carbon, aramid along with the materials in which these reinforcements are embedded and these are ceramics, metals, polymers and the interfaces that occur between them. The book also controls the properties of composite materials at micro level and macro level. The book uses micrographs and line drawing to stress the importance of microstructures, processing and the composite material properties.

3. “Mechanisms and Mechanics of Composite Fracture” by R B Bhagat and S G Fishman
4. “An Introduction to Composite Materials” by D Hull

“An Introduction to Composite Materials” Book Review: The book provides the readers with an overview of composite materials. It can be of use to both scientists and engineers. Theoretical as well as applicational aspects of composite materials are covered. Production elements of these materials are discussed along with their properties. Usage of the materials in various applications is also described well in detail.

5. “Structural Composite Materials” by F C Campbell

“Structural Composite Materials” Book Review: Major aspects of advanced composite materials are covered in this book. Working professionals of various industries along with researchers can find this book to be of use. Both continuous and discontinuous fiber composites are covered with an emphasis on the continuous fiber polymer matrix composites. An overview of composites is provided at the introductory as well as intermediate level to the readers. The book also focuses on the practical aspects of the materials in discussion.

6. “Composite Materials” by Berthelot

“Composite Materials” Book Review: The book covers a majority of the topics of composite materials. It is recommended to students of graduate level courses and researchers involved in the field. The book begins with an introduction of composite materials, their properties are studied along with a brief description of the manufacturing process. Further, the book dives into mathematical concepts required in the analysis of the mechanical behaviour of composite materials and structures. Subsequent sections of the book focus on comparison of theoretical data to that obtained by experimental results. Other topics covered include mechanisms of fracture, damage, laminate, sandwich plates, shear, bending, buckling and design of laminate structures.

7. “Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity of Composite Energetic Materials” by Michelle L Pantoya and Chelsea Weir

“Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity of Composite Energetic Materials” Book Review: The focus of the book is on electrostatic discharge from a composite materials standpoint. It can be used by researchers and scientists of the field. The book studies electrostatic discharge ignition and parameters influencing the phenomenon. Emphasis is laid on electrical resistivity and conductivity of various particulate mixtures.

8. “Plastic Forming Processes of Composite Materials” by Davidi Gal

“Plastic Forming Processes of Composite Materials” Book Review: The book deals with various aspects of plastic forming processes of composite materials. It can be of interest to researchers and scientists involved in the field. The mechanical and physical properties of a variety of composite materials are studied in order to highlight the plastic forming processes. Defects of these methods such as bulging, choking dead zones, residual chips, chevroning, formation of “fish skin” cracks are also discussed. Analysis of radial stress and velocity fields is done with the help of j2 flow theory.

9. “Computational Mechanics of Composite Materials” by Kaminski

“Computational Mechanics of Composite Materials” Book Review: Both theoretical and practical aspects of composite materials are combined to study their mathematical applications. It is recommended to engineering students from various domains and working professionals as well. Concepts of probabilistic homogenisation of composite structures are explained in detail. Heterogeneous materials are discussed with an emphasis on the treatment of defects within the materials. New and relevant models in the field of reliability of composite materials also covered.

10. “Advanced Composite Materials” by Michno Pilato
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