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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Combustion Engineering subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Combustion Engineering along with reviews.

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1. “Internal Combustion Engines” by Ganesan

“Internal Combustion Engines” Book Review: This book is in interest of people related to the mechanical field or have any interests or hobbies regarding the same. Book has explained what types of natural fuels as well as artificial fuels can be used. The concept of supercharging is covered. Testing of the engines checking their performance parameters and characteristics are explained.How to control engine emission is also highlighted properly. Friction and lubrication process of engines are also explained. Along with certain other important techniques and parameters. They have provided Exercises, Review questions and multiple choice questions athe the end of every topic.

2. “An Introduction to Combustion: Concepts and Applications” by Stephen R Turns

“An Introduction to Combustion: Concepts and Applications” Book Review: Students undergoing or done with their mechanical engineering can use this book. It gives basic knowledge about Combustion. Practical applications of combustion are covered in this book. How can we protect our environment by reducing energy use and less emission is also focused on in this book. Recently new chapters were added to bring more attention for reducing use of fuels.

3. “Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals” by John Heywood

“Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals” Book Review: This book has covered different types of engines and how they operate. Engine friction and lubrication process. How the gas exchange process takes place inside the engine. The working fluids inside have some properties which are discussed in this book. Ignition of fuel in various chambers are detailed. Designing of the engine and its operating parameters are also discussed. From a pollution point of view pollutant formation and its control are also briefed.

4. “Understanding Combustion” by Mukunda H S

“Understanding Combustion” Book Review: Different places where combustion takes place are mentioned in this book along with how they take place and their day to day application. The book looks over combustion at industrial, domestic and scientific places and studies how it is taking place, what is the process behind it, analyses the process then looks into stability and creates different models for the same. New topics were introduced as regards to pollution control when new facts were revealed. These topics include emission of pollutants and gasification of solid fuels. Also has covered practical issues for conservation of fuels and protection of the environment.

5. “Fundamentals of Combustion” by Mishra D P

“Fundamentals of Combustion” Book Review: This book is of good interest to the people of science and technology and also students of mechanical,aerospace and chemical engineering. Book is started with easy topics as a revision to students and to get a good grip on topics. It includes basic conservation equations along with ideas about chemical thermodynamics and kinetics. Relevant examples are included in this book for better understanding with respect to reality. Later part involves Concepts of Premixed flames and diffusion flames. The book ended with ways to reduce emission for protection of the environment.

6. “Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engines” by Gupta H N

“Fundamentals of Internal Combustion Engines” Book Review: What is meant by internal combustion engines exactly is explained at start. What types of fuels are required by internal combustion engines are described in detail. How injection systems work in CI and SI engines are explained. Concept of two-stroke engines is covered. In what way heat transfer takes place in engines along with proper arrangement of cooling systems are also learned. Which alternative engines can be used are also mentioned. Exhaust emission is explained for environment protection.

7. “Combustion Engineering: Volume I: 1” by Alden Whitley

“Combustion Engineering: Volume I: 1” Book Review: This book is for graduate students who are advanced in the topic of combustion. Every chapter is related to other chapters to give proper in depth knowledge on the subject. Also controlled combustion and energy extraction are taught. This book is designed to get more deep knowledge on this topic for development and research in this topic.

8. “A Textbook of Internal Combustion Engines” by R K Rajput

“A Textbook of Internal Combustion Engines” Book Review: This book is for people doing their studies related to jet engines and gas turbines. It starts with revision of thermodynamics and then explains what internal combustion engines are. Air Standard, fuel-air and actual cycles are explained. How Combustion takes place in SI and CI engines is detailed. Information on Carburettors is provided. Engine cooling and supercharging of the book are included. How much air pollution is caused and how to reduce it is explained. Use of Engines in Gas turbines and Jet Propulsion are covered at the end.

9. “Fuels and Combustion” by S Sarkar

“Fuels and Combustion” Book Review: This book is for undergraduate students from the field of MEchanical, chemical and Aerospace engineering. It starts with introduction to different types of energies, Measurement units for the same. What are solid, liquid and gaseous fuels is learned. Basic concepts of thermodynamics and kinetics can be easily understoods. At the end where combustion can be used is defined with examples.
After every topic problems are given for practice.

10. “Engineering Fundamentals of the Internal Combustion Engine” by Willard W Pulkrabek

“Engineering Fundamentals of the Internal Combustion Engine” Book Review: Applications of Internal Combustion engines are discussed. Also the principle which goes behind these engines is focused on. Operations and calculations related to I.C. engines are shown. This book provides problems for practice. Heat transfer and cooling of engines, friction and lubrication of engines are covered. Engine cycles are explained in a well mannered way. Emission control ways are also explained. This is a very basic book for understanding Internal combustion engines.

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