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1. “Fundamentals Of Air Transport Management” by P S Senguttuvan
2. “Air Transport System (Research Topics in Aerospace)” by Dieter Schmitt and Volker Gollnick

“Air Transport System (Research Topics in Aerospace)” Book Review: This book covers all designs and operations of aircrafts in the entire transportation chain. It explains the legal environment required for aircraft design and aircraft operation. Communication between airport and air and traffic management is mentioned in details in the book. This book reflects the market forecast methods and the aircraft development process. Different principles of flight physics and legal aspects of air transport are included in the book. It is very much beneficial for graduate students, engineers and experts working in the aerospace industry, airports or in the transport and logistics sector.

3. “Air Transport Management: An international perspective” by Lucy Budd and Stephen Ison

“Air Transport Management: An international perspective” Book Review: This book introduces important issues in air transport management. It covers aviation law, its regulation, economics, finance and airline management. Various environmental considerations, human resource management and marketing are also included. There are different contributions from various scholars and professionals which are present in this book. The book provides case studies, examples, keyword definitions and ‘stop and think’ boxes to help students clear their concepts. This book will act as a guide for undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing aviation and business management. Industry practitioners will also be benefitted from this book.

4. “Regulation of Air Transport” by Ruwantissa Abeyratne

“Regulation of Air Transport” Book Review: This book covers the clerical and administrative task for ICAO. This was decided to meet the needs of the people of the world for safe, regular and economical air transport. It explains how ICAO should think outside of its 67 year old box and meaning of air transport to analyse trends. This book describes ICAO’s inability to make a difference in air transport development. Future of air transport regulations are also included in this book. This book acts as a guide for global practitioners to update information on their respective countries.

5. “Aerospace Marketing Management:” by Philippe Malaval and Christophe Bénaroya

“Aerospace Marketing Management” Book Review: This book is designed for the aeronautics sector and space sector such as parts, suppliers, integrators and service providers. This book contains essentials of marketing such as segmentation, positioning and the marketing plan. It also includes chapters on project marketing and brand policy. Distribution, pricing, compensation and alliance strategies are also covered in this book. The book brings different changes due to e- procurement and e-ticketing which is mentioned in this book. This helps in purchase strategy and helps airlines to reach final consumers.

6. “Airline Operations and Management: A Management Textbook” by Gerald N Cook and Bruce Billig

“Airline Operations and Management: A Management Textbook” Book Review: This book introduces fundamentals of management such as economics, operations, marketing and finance for a brief overview. The book focuses on tactical management which is unique to the airline industry. Mainly, this book is a kind of survey of the airline industry from a managerial point of view. This book is suitable for both senior and graduate students of airline management. It is also beneficial for the junior level airline managers and professionals.

7. “US Military Aircraft Recognition Guide (Jane’s)” by Tony Holmes

“US Military Aircraft Recognition Guide (Jane’s)” Book Review: This book focuses mainly on the world’s most popular military aircraft. The book features more than 500 entries and covers each aircraft starting from 1909 till present. It explains the 200 word historical and technical specification. Topics like army, air force, navy, marine corps and coast guard types are included in the book.

8. “Airport Finance” by Norman Ashford

“Airport Finance” Book Review: Basic elements of airport finance are mentioned in this book. It presents the international nature of aviation. The book covers airport finance, airport administration and aviation training. The first chapter contains patterns of airport ownership. Sources of revenues and expenditures, manner in which they are reported and airport accounts are highlighted in this book. Reports in which US airports are financed are also included. This will be a good reference for people who know how financing systems work.

9. “Marketing Management in Air Transport (RLE Marketing) (Routledge Library Editions: Marketing)” by Jack L Grumbridge

“Marketing Management in Air Transport (RLE Marketing) (Routledge Library Editions: Marketing)” Book Review: This book focuses on management and environmental aspects of marketing in the aviation industry. It covers information on flow from government interest and the peculiarities of the aviation market. This book provides market research, analytical review of airline pricing and cooperative agreements between airlines. Product planning and the marketing processes are also highlighted in this book.

10. “Flow and Transport in Porous Formations” by Gedeon Dagan

“Flow and Transport in Porous Formations” Book Review: This book covers research on subsurface hydrology and stochastic modelling of flow and transport. The book presents heterogeneities in natural formation and vast expansion of computational capability. Contaminant transport and spatial variability are included in the book.

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