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1. “Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design” by Froment F G and Bischof

Book Review: This is a very good textbook on chemical reaction engineering and explains both the basic concepts as well as fundamental principles along with applications thereby stressing on the real world aspects of industrial practice. The book also covers all computer modeling concepts along with many worked out examples. The book also focuses on the real world aspects of industrial processes. The book also contains many case studies that demonstrate theoretical applications.

2. “Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design Fundamentals” by Rawlings J B and Ekerdt J G

Book Review: This is a very good textbook in chemical engineering for graduate and undergraduate students in the field of reactor design and reaction engineering courses. The book provides introduction to material balance models for different types of reactors like batch, plug flow and continuous stirred tank reactors. The book provides graphs so that the readers can visualize the concepts and analyze the behavior of the reactors. Every chapter contains numerous problems along with step by step solution for them.

3. “Chemical and Catalytic Reaction Engineering” by Carberry J J

Book Review: This book enables the readers studying chemical engineering to manage chemical reactions thereby examining the behavior of chemical reactions as well as chemical reactors. The book also covers conservation equations for reactors and contains chapters on heterogeneous reactors, fluid solid reaction systems, heterogeneous catalysis, catalytic kinetics, diffusion, heterogeneous catalysis and heterogeneous reactor design.

4. “Chemical Reaction Engineering” by Levenspiel O

Book Review: This book enables the readers to understand the concepts of chemical reaction engineering thereby answering the questions on them effectively. The book also stresses on simple design methods, graphical procedures, capability comparison of major reactor types and many more. The book also explains the reason behind why assumptions are made and also explains the pros and cons of many techniques that are applied to real situations. The readers should have prior knowledge of elementary calculus and first order differential equation.

5. “Chemical Engineering Kinetics” by Smith J M
6. “Chemical Reaction Engineering” by GT Miller

“Chemical Reaction Engineering” Book Review: The main idea of the book is to introduce treatment of chemical reaction engineering. It is prescribed to students pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate level courses in chemical engineering, microbiology, biotechnology, life sciences and researchers of the field. Homogenous and heterogenous reacting systems are covered. Both chemical reaction engineering and chemical reactor engineering concepts are elucidated. The book familiarizes readers with fundamentals of chemical reaction engineering before diving into its applications and extensions into analyses. The reader can find various illustrative problems that aid the contents of the book.

7. “Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reaction and Synthesis” by Carey

“Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reaction and Synthesis Book Review: The book in discussion is the second part of a two part book that presents concepts of advanced organic chemistry. The book is apt for students of higher graduate level courses and researchers of organic chemistry. The Book begins by giving an introduction to alkylation of enolates and other carbon nucleophiles. Subsequent chapters deal with Reactions of Carbon Nucleophiles with Carbonyl Groups, Functional Group Interconversion, Protection and Deprotection. The book concludes by presenting concepts of Reactions Involving the Transition Metals, carbon-carbon bond form. A few other topics included are: Electrophilic Additions to Carbon, Carbon Multiple Bonds, Reduction of Carbon Carbon Multiple, Carbonyl Groups, and Other Functional Groups.

8. “Reactions on Polymers” by Moore

“Reactions on Polymers” Book Review: The book covers various facets of polymer reactions. It can be accessed by students of higher level courses and researchers of the field. The book consists of 23 chapters totally. The first few chapters introduce the readers to polymers concepts such as catalysis, interionic reactions, functionalization. Further, the book dives into insoluble halogenating agents, modification of polymers, synthesis of polymers. The last section of the book deals with paraoxon analogs as haptens, affinity chromatography.

9. “March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms and Structure” by Michael B Smith and Jerry March

“March’s Advanced Organic Chemistry: Reactions, Mechanisms and Structure” Book Review: The main idea of the book is present concepts of organic chemistry. It is recommended for students and workers interested in the domain of organic chemistry. The first chapters focus on covering fundamental concepts of organic chemistry such as conformation, organic bonds, stereochemistry. Subsequent chapters dive into concepts of acids and bases, photochemistry, sonochemistry and microwave irradiation. Nature and scope of organic reactions and their mechanisms is covered in the last few chapters of the book.

10. “On-Line Trajectory Generation in Robotic Systems” by Torsten Kroger

“On-Line Trajectory Generation in Robotic Systems” Book Review: The book presents the latest advancements in the field of robotics. It is apt for students and researchers interested in the field of sensor integration in robotics. The book consists of 10 chapters. The first few chapters focus on introducing fundamental concepts on robotics to readers including trajectory generation, mathematical conventions, solutions for one degree and multi-dimensional space. Further, emphasis is laid on homothetic trajectories and hybrid-switched system control. The last section of the book entails experimental results and summary of the book.

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