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1. “Phase Transformations in Metals and Alloys” by D A Porter and K L Easterling

“Phase Transformations in Metals and Alloys” Book Review: The book covers the concepts of phase transformation from an engineering standpoint. It targets students and newcomers to the field. The book initially explains the required concepts before dealing with its applications. Calculation of phase diagrams using computer aided programs, calculating a CCT diagram from a TTT diagram using scheil method, polygonal ferrite and bainite, strain-induced martensite and transformation-induced plasticity (TRIP) steels are amongst the important topics covered. Readers can also find numerous examples and problems throughout the text.

2. “Phase Transformations in Materials” by A K Jena and M C Chaturvedi

Book Review: This book makes assumption of knowledge related to phase equilibria, crystal structures, defects and metallography. The book also explains the obtaining of desired material properties with the help of structure manipulations and phase transformations. The book contains chapters on phase stability, diffusion, empirical transformation kinetics, solidification, glass crystallization and many more. This book is very useful to engineers and scientists in the field of materials research.

3. “Phase Transformations in Materials” by Gernot Kostorz

Book Review: This book explains the common mechanisms and methodologies that are used for all kinds of materials like metals, ceramics, composites and multiphase alloys. The book also explains the physical transformation and thermodynamic transformation from solid to liquid and from one crystal form to other thereby creating high performance materials. The book also deals with the phase transformations and also the creation of high performance materials. This book is useful to scientists and engineers who deal with the research and development of high performance materials.

4. “Lectures on the Theory of Phase Transformations” by Aaronson

“Lectures on the Theory of Phase Transformations” Book Review: Various research papers on the topic of phase transformation are presented in this book. It is recommended to students of graduate level courses on the topic. An overview of the effects of coherency on phase equilibria and phase transformations is provided in the book. Emphasis is laid on the required mathematical concepts in the text. Following research papers are included: Applications of Gibbs Energy-Composition Diagrams; Theory of Capillarity; The Kinetic Equations of Solid-Solid Nucleation Theory.

5. “Field Theoretic Method in Phase Transformations” by Alexander Umantsev

“Field Theoretic Method in Phase Transformations” Book Review: The focus of the book is the field theoretic approach to phase transformation. Researchers, students and instructors of materials sciences can access this book. Fundamentals of the method such as classical theories are presented. The book also covers the important theoretical and computational results. Recent and advanced applications are also discussed.

6. “Phase Transformations in Materials” by Romesh C Sharma

“Phase Transformations in Materials” Book Review: The book deals with the fundamentals of phase transformation concepts applied in the field of material sciences. It can be used as a textbook for students of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Concepts of metallurgical thermodynamics and phase diagrams are prerequisites for this text. Solid-state transformations, solidification of materials, diffusion in materials and interfaces in materials are covered.

7. “Materials Science and Technology: A Comprehensive Treatment Phase Transformations in Materials” by Peter Haasen

“Materials Science and Technology: A Comprehensive Treatment Phase Transformations in Materials” Book Review: The book covers the concepts of phase transformation. It can be accessed by students, researchers as well as instructors. A variety of materials such as metals, ceramics, glasses, polymers, semiconductors, and composites are discussed in the text. Properties, phenomena, processing along with applications of each of these materials is presented. Topics included are: Thermodynamics and phase diagram of materials, Diffusion in crystalline solids, homogeneous second phase precipitation, Transformations Involving Interfacial Diffusion and solidification.

8. “Phase Transformations in Multicomponent Melts” by Dieter M Herlach

“Phase Transformations in Multicomponent Melts” Book Review: Concepts and properties of multicomponent materials are discussed in this book. It targets students, researchers of the subject alike. A variety of topics ranging from fundamental concepts to the applications are covered. Concepts of thermodynamics, microscopic processes, solidification, simulation and modeling are emphasised. Melt and solidification process concepts such as molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo, and finite elements calculations are elucidated.

9. “Phase Transformations in Steels” by David Edmonds

“Phase Transformations in Steels” Book Review: The book elucidates the concepts of phase transformation from steels standpoint. It targets researchers and students of the field alike. The contents of the book are covered in 4 parts. The first part focuses on the crystallography and kinetics of martensite transformations and shape memory in ferrous alloys. Further, the book deals with the recent research on a variety of materials such as HSLA, TRIP, TWIP and maraging steels. The last sections of the book emphasise on advanced analytical techniques and modeling concepts.

10. “Phase Transformation of Kaolinite Clay” by Chakraborty

“Phase Transformation of Kaolinite Clay” Book Review: Thermal decomposition of kaolinite is explained in the text. It is useful for ceramic experts along with researchers. Various researches and experimental results regarding thermal decomposition of Kaolinite are included. Kaolinite–Mullite reaction series, characterization of controversial spinel phase and explanation of DTA events of Kaolinite are covered.

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