Python Program to Read a Number n and Compute n+nn+nnn

This is a Python Program to read a number n and compute n+nn+nnn.

Problem Description

The program takes a number n and computes n+nn+nnn.

Problem Solution

1. Take the value of a element and store in a variable n.
2. Convert the integer into string and store it in another variable.
3. Add the string twice so the string gets concatenated and store it in another variable.
4. Then add the string thrice and assign the value to the third variable.
5. Convert the strings in the second and third variables into integers.
6. Add the values in all the integers.
7. Print the total value of the expression.
8. Exit.

Program/Source Code

Here is the source code of the Python Program to read a number n and compute n+nn+nnn. The program output is also shown below.

n=int(input("Enter a number n: "))
print("The value is:",comp)
Program Explanation

1. User must first enter the value and store it in a variable n.
2. The integer is converted to string for concatenation of the value of n.
3. The string is then concatenated once and twice and stored in separate variables.
4. Later to find the total sum, the string is converted back to integer.
5. The total value of the expression is then printed.

Runtime Test Cases
Case 1:
Enter a number n: 5
The value is: 615
Case 2:
Enter a number n: 20
The value is: 204060

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