Flexible Manufacturing System Questions and Answers – Personal Computers for Industrial Control

This set of Flexible Manufacturing System Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Personal Computers for Industrial Control”.

1. Which of the following configuration allows the installation of control algorithms as high priority programs under the operating system?
a) Installer Configuration
b) Soft Logic Configuration
c) Real Time Configuration
d) Controller System Configuration
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Answer: b
Explanation: The installation of control algorithms as the high priority programs under the operating system is done in soft logic configuration. In this configuration, the personal computers operating system will be windows.

2. What is the acronym of HMI?
a) Hetero Machine Interface
b) Hetero Mapping Interlock
c) Homo Mapping Interlock
d) Human Machine Interface
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Answer: d
Explanation: HMI means Human Machine Interface. It can be used to virtually display data, to monitor the inputs and outputs of machines, to track production times and to oversee the key performance Indicators.

3. Which configuration allows the control software to take priority over all other software?
a) Accessible Configuration
b) Real Time Control Configuration
c) Soft Logic Configuration
d) Human Control Configuration
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Answer: b
Explanation: Control Software take priority over all other software in the real time control configuration. This configuration is operated using a real time operating system. In this configuration, personal computers operate like a programmable logic controller.

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