Design of RC Structures Questions and Answers – Composite Members Subjected to Bending

This set of Design of RC Structures Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Composite Members Subjected to Bending”.

1. Which of the following are the most favorable construction materials in the following?
a) Timber and Concrete
b) Concrete and Steel
c) Timber and Steel
d) Sand and Cement
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Answer: b
Explanation: The combination of Concrete and Steel results in the structure which is both safe and economic.

2. The ultimate load carrying capacity of bare steel is more than that of concrete-steel combination.
a) True
b) False
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Answer: b
Explanation: Bushar and Shanuzan tested number of steel-concrete girder under shear and axial loading, and they found that concrete- steel combination has more loading capacity.

3. The two – dimensional stress system in which the loading in a vertical plane in zero i.e. σy = 0 and σx = σb is shown below:

The equivalent bending moment will be ________
a) Me = ½*[M+(M2+T2)1/2]
b) Me = ½*[M2+(M+T)2]
c) Me = ½*[M2-(M+T)2]
d) Me = ½*[M-(M2+T2)]
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Answer: a
Explanation: σ132Meπd3
Further, σ1=16/πd3[M+(M2+T2)1/2]
Thus equating two, we get, Me = ½*[M+(M2+T2)1/2]

4. Which statement is true for series connected composite shaft?
a) The torque will be same in both shaft
b) The torque will vary according to loading in both shafts differently
c) The torque of smaller shaft will be less
d) The torque in larger shaft will be less
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Answer: a
Explanation: When two shafts or more than two shafts of different material are connected together, all the shafts connected bears the same torque. Because of the connected series of shafts, the composite shaft is formed. And this is called as series – connected.

5. Which material is effective in negative moment region?
a) Concrete
b) PCC
c) Cement
d) Steel
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Answer: d
Explanation: Culvertal tested a two-span continuous beam with a small amount of longitudinal slab reinforcement to establish a feasibility of designing continuous beams on the basis of ultimate strength. The result of investigation concluded that only steel is effective in negative moment region.

6. What is the most common failure in shear connectors?
a) Slippage
b) Collapse
c) Settlement
d) Fracture
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Answer: a
Explanation: The slippage is due to deformation of connectors and the deformation of concrete in the region of connectors.

7. Name the factor which is responsible for bending deflection.
a) Moment- Curvature
b) Loading
c) Bending Moment
d) Cross sectional area
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Answer: a
Explanation: Bending deflections are dependent on moment curvature relationship. The relationship is obtained by direct integration for a linear elastic stress- strain relationship.

8. Residual stress is a result of __________
a) Plastic deformation
b) Elastic deformation
c) Stress- Strain
d) Bending Moment
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Answer: a
Explanation: Residual stresses occur in rolled sections as a result of plastic deformation during the cooling process after rolling.

9. The correct formula for degree of shear connection in hogging moment is _____
a) β = Nss Fstud/min{Fs, Fbeam}
b) β = min{Fs, Fbeam}/Nss F stud
c) β = Nss Fstud/max{Fs, Fbeam}
d) β = Max{Fs, Fbeam}/ Nss, Fstud
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Answer: a
Explanation: The degree of shear connection in hogging moment regions of composite beams is defined as the ratio of the shear connection strength provided by the studs to the strength of the weakest component (steel reinforcement or steel beam), while the tensile strength of the slab is neglected.

10. How much yield value does shear connectors connector can develop in negative region?
a) Half
b) Quarter
c) Full
d) Nil
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Answer: c
Explanation: Shear connectors in negative region are capable of developing the full yield value of the longitudinal reinforcement.

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