Design of RC Structures Questions and Answers – Reinforcement in Slabs

This set of Design of RC Structures Multiple Choice Questions & Answers (MCQs) focuses on “Reinforcement in Slabs”.

1. For a simply supported slab of dimension what is the percentage of minimum area of reinforcement (mild steel reinforcement)?
a) .15%
b) .36%
c) .24%
d) .48%
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Answer: a
Explanation: According to codal provision the area of reinforcement should be .15% of the gross area. According to ACI and IS 456:2000 (clause 24) the minimum reinforcement should be there to maintain the endurance of the slab to tension.

2. What is the horizontal distance or spacing between the reinforcement bars of an 80mm thick slab?
a) 340mm
b) 440mm
c) 240mm
d) 540mm
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Answer: c
Explanation: According to the codal provision, the spacing = 3*thickness of the slab or 300mm whichever is less.
Hence the spacing s = 3*80mm=240mm.

3. What is the code that gives the guideline about bar bending and cut off details?
a) IS 456:2000
b) CP110
c) IS 10262
d) IS 489
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Answer: b
Explanation: The new code in concrete design that gives the details of the bar bending is CP110. IS 456:2000 does not give detailed guidelines about the bar bending and cut off.

4. The minimum spacing for the parallel reinforcement bars of a slab thickness 70mm is given as which of the following?
a) 350mm
b) 150mm
c) 200mm
d) 300mm
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Answer: a
Explanation: For a parallel reinforcement in the slab the spacing = 5*thickness of the slab or 450mm whichever is less.
Hence, the minimum spacing s = 5*70mm = 350mm < 450mm.

5. What is the not function of the transverse reinforcement?
a) It distributes the load more evenly and uniformly on the slab
b) It prevents the shrinkage or temperature effect
c) It keeps the main reinforcement in position
d) It works as the main reinforcement
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Answer: d
Explanation: The main functions of the transverse reinforcement are:
i) It distributes the load more evenly and uniformly on the slab
ii) It prevents the shrinkage or temperature effect
iii) It keeps the main reinforcement in position
On the other hand the main reinforcement of a slab is the longitudinal reinforcement. Therefore the transverse reinforcement does not work as the main reinforcement.

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