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1. “Facts Controllers in Power Transmission and Distribution” by K R Padiyar

“FACTS: Controllers in Power Transmission and Distribution Illustrated Edition” Book Review: This book is designed for Facts controllers, researchers, practicing engineers who wish to apply Facts technology. It is based on modern high power electronic systems. It also provides fast controllability to ensure ‘flexible’ operation under changing system conditions. It covers topics of AC Transmission Line and Reactive Power Compensation, Static Var,Thyristor and GTO Controlled Series Capacitor. It also contains applications of SVC, TCSC, GCSC, SPST, STATCOM, SSSC, UPFC, IPFC and IPC for voltage/power control in transmission systems. Further it also covers operating principles, mathematical models and control design. The methods and concepts are explained with case studies and illustrative examples.

2. “Introduction to FACTS Controllers: Theory, Modeling, and Applications” by Kalyan K Sen and Mey Ling Sen

“Introduction to FACTS Controllers: Theory, Modeling and Applications” Book Review: This book is designed for practitioners and students of power engineering around the world. It develops the evolution of power flow controllers in AC transmission systems covering the theory, modeling, and various applications.It gives information on simulation codes of the AC power system with its power flow control solutions. It covers topics of power flow control concepts,modeling principles and transformer based facts controllers. It also contains Voltage-Sourced Converter (VSC), Two-Level Pole Design and VSC-Based FACTS Controllers.

3. “Thyristor-Based FACTS Controllers for Electrical Transmission Systems” by R Mohan Mathur

“Thyristor-Based FACTS Controllers for Electrical Transmission Systems” Book Review: This book is designed for graduate students, undergraduate students and Engineers. It deliberated for the international market, graduate courses and power utilities, training their engineers through short term courses and workshops. Industrial Applications, IEEE Power society and Power ELectronics societies are also interested in this book. It covers theoretical concepts and practical applications pertaining to these power compensators. It also fills the need for a relevant text on this emerging technology. It also provides examples and case studies on control design and performance.

4. “Structure Preserving Energy Functions in Power Systems: Theory and Applications” by K R Padiyar

“Structure Preserving Energy Functions in Power Systems: Theory and Applications” Book Review: This book is designed for Engineering and Electronics students. It is a guide for software development of the dynamic security assessment and control of power systems. It describes the analytics of monitoring and predicting dynamic security and emergency control through the theory and applications of energy functions. It covers different facets of dynamic analysis such as system stability evaluation and dynamic security assessment. It also includes descriptions of applications in real-time monitoring, adaptive protection, and emergency control. Further it also includes detection and control algorithms and illustrated through several examples and case studies on text systems.

5. “Extruded Cables for High–Voltage Direct–Current Transmission: Advances in Research and Development (IEEE Press Series on Power Engineering)” by Giovanni Mazzanti and Massimo Marzinotto

“Extruded Cables for High-Voltage Direct-Current Transmission: Advances in Research and Development (IEEE Press Series on Power Engineering)” Book Review: This book is designed for Electrical and Electronics students. It addresses the technical aspects of high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) link projects with extruded cables.It covers design and engineering techniques for cable lines, insulation materials, and accessories. It also contains cable performance and life span and reliability issues. The book starts with a discussion on the fundamentals of HVDC cable transmission theory. It also delivers the improved design of extruded HVDC cable systems with emphasis on design aspects relevant to accessories. It includes more than 200 illustrations. It fills a gap in the field, providing power cable engineers with complete, up-to-date guidance on HVDC cable lines with extruded insulation.

6. “Unified Power Flow Controller Technology and Application” by Jijun Yin

“Unified Power Flow Controller Technology and Application” Book Review: This book is designed for both academics and engineers working in power system protection control, power system planning engineers, and HVDC FACTS related areas. It provides comprehensive coverage on UPFC technology. It covers topics of design principle, control and protection, and insulation coordination. It sums up all the most up-to-date research and practical achievements that are related to UPFC and MMC technology. It includes test techniques for main components, closed-loop test techniques and onsite techniques for implementing UPFC projects. It enables information regarding theoretical analysis and practical application of UPFC but also the control mechanism of advanced MMC technology.

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