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1. “Core Java: An Integrated Approach, New: Includes All Versions upto Java 8” by R Nageswara Rao and DT Editorial Services

“Core Java: An Integrated Approach, New: Includes All Versions upto Java 8” Book Review: The book covers all the core concepts of Java in a well defined structure. The book provides an intense knowledge from OOPS to abstract classes and interface; from Software Packaging to provide API Documents. The book begins with Java Programming which covers API Document, Formatting the Output followed by Operators in Java. The book also discusses Various Control Statements like if..else,do..while,for loop Statements. Moreover some information about Arrays, Strings, String Buffer, Relationship between Objects and Type. The book also provides interview related questions.

2. “Java: The Complete Reference” by Herbert Schildt

“Java: The Complete Reference” Book Review: The book is fully loaded with all the concepts of Java designed for computer science engineering students. The book explains some basic concepts of how to develop, compile, debug, and run a Java program. The covers the entire Java language which includes Syntax, Keywords, and Fundamental programming Principles. The book also covers the latest Java SE8 which features lambda expressions; the stream library is discussed in detail. Various topics like Data types, variables, arrays, and operators followed by Interface & Packages, Lambda Expressions,JavaFX, Networking and String Handling are incorporated in this book.

3. “Core Java – Vol. I – Fundamentals” by Cay S Horstmann
4. “Core and Advanced Java, Black Book, Recommended by CDAC” by Dreamtech Press

“Core and Advanced Java, Black Book, Recommended by CDAC” Book Review: The book covers all the major and advanced concepts of Java in a well defined format. The book helps to learn the concepts from OOPS to abstract classes and interfaces followed by software packaging to providing API documents; from error handling to converting fundamental data into object form; from collection framework to streams and creating client and server programs to threads. Moreover,the book also gives knowledge from creating GUI applications to generics and communication with databases. The book incorporates various JAVA related technologies such as JDBC 4.0, Servlets 3.1, JSP 2.3, Expression language 3.0, JSTL 1.2, Hibernate, Struts 2 along with Spring 3.0.

5. “Core Java Programming-A Practical Approach” by Tushar B Kute

“Core Java Programming-A Practical Approach” Book Review: The book is designed for the students who want to learn Java Programming from the beginning. The book covers a major part of the syllabus designed by Maharashtra State Board of Technical Education for Java Programming. Each topic is illustrated with 144 solved programming examples. The comprehensive textbook covers topics like Packages, Interfaces and Streams with detailed descriptions.The book is also provided with multiple objective questions and programming exercises. Practical Implementation of all the topics on Core Java Programming are covered in the book.

6. “Core Java for Beginners” by Rashmi Kant Das
7. “Core Java for the Impatient” by Horstmann

“Core Java for the Impatient” Book Review: The book is designed for students who want to learn all the concepts of Core Java that a modern developer needs to know which include powerful lambda expressions which was introduced in Java 8. The book gives a rapid introduction to the good parts of Java for competent programmers. The book starts with Basic Fundamentals Programming Structures, Object-Oriented Programming, Interfaces and Lambda Expressions, Assertions and Logging, Collections, Streams followed by Processing Input and Output. The book also discusses Concurrent Programming, Annotations, The Date and Time API along with Compiling and Scripting and Internationalization.

8. “Programming with Java” by Balagurusamy
9. “Core Java: A Comprehensive Study” by Matha Mahesh P

“Core Java: A Comprehensive Study” Book Review: The book is designed for undergraduate students of B.Tech in Computer Science and I.T as well as BCA/MCA. The comprehensive textbook talks about major aspects of Core Java in a simple and easy language. The book begins with the fundamentals of Java and further it gives description of the various operators provided by Java. The book also tells us the different ways of making decisions through branching, and the core concepts of Java, that is, classes, objects and their features. The book also contains intricacies of one of the most important features of object-orientation which include Inheritance, Intricacies and further book elaborates on the classes and interfaces of lang, util and io packages.

10. “Java: Core Concepts and Applications” by Trilochan Tarai

“Java: Core Concepts and Applications” Book Review: The textbook provides a comprehensive study material of the core concepts of Java Programming with real life examples. Various Contents are explored in the book like Serialization, Marker Interface, Externalization, Collection Framework and Multithreading. The book also covers major parts of Internet Programming, Benefits of executing Java Programs, Ways of Increasing User Performance, Security features and Enhancements. The book entails various topics like Collection Framework, Annotation, Implementation and Algorithms,Enhanced for loop and Serialization and Deserialization. Every chapter ends with Debugging exercises in the book.

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