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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Applied Economics and Quantitative Economics subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Applied Economics and Quantitative Economics along with reviews.

Kindly note that we have put a lot of effort into researching the best books on Applied Economics and Quantitative Economics subject and came out with a recommended list of top 10 best books. The table below contains the Name of these best books, their authors, publishers and an unbiased review of books on "Applied Economics and Quantitative Economics" as well as links to the Amazon website to directly purchase these books. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases, but this does not impact our reviews, comparisons, and listing of these top books; the table serves as a ready reckoner list of these best books.

1. “Applied Economics (Thinking Beyond Stage One)” by Thomas Sowell

“Applied Economics (Thinking Beyond Stage One)” Book Review: The main theme of the book is to explains the application of economics to major contemporary real world problems housing, medical care, discrimination, the economic development of nations. It demonstrates all these problems in simple and clear language as distinguished from the normal jargons of economists. It explains policies in simple terms of their immediate effects and their later repercussions, which are often very different and longer lasting. It also provides different examples from various experiences around the world.

2. “Studies in Applied Econometrics (Contributions to Economics)” by imusti

“Studies in Applied Econometrics (Contributions to Economics)” Book Review: This book explains new developments in applied econometrics. The book begins with addressing new methodological developments. It explains problems in microeconometrics, the other part discusses multi-equation systems. The book discusses and explains two methods to solve the different problems. The paper summarizes the literature and demonstrates reasonable choices for evaluation on the basis of large-scale Monte Carlo investigations.

3. “Empirical Studies in Applied Economics” by imusti

“Empirical Studies in Applied Economics” Book Review: This book highlights the applications but it also focuses on the econometric and statistical issues for advanced readers. It explains econometric methods include multivariate regression analysis, limited dependent variable analysis. It covers topics including the measurement of competition and market power in natural gas transportation markets. It also explains additional chapters on empirical analysis of NFL football demand, the accuracy of an econometric model for mail demand. Other chapters illustrate the valuation of technology patents and the determination of patent scope, duration, and reasonable royalty.

4. “Quantitative Techniques (Economics)” by Dr B N Gupta
5. “Applied Economics” by Stuart Wall and Alan Griffiths

“Applied Economics” Book Review: This book provides the skills and knowledge to apply economic analysis to the new economic problems of real world today. It gives clear presentation, broad coverage of different topics, and a unique approach to theory and application. The book helps to understand the relevance of economics in the ‘real world’.

6. “Research Methodology in Applied Economics” by Don E Ethridge

“Research Methodology in Applied Economics” Book Review: This book concentrates on how to organize and conduct research can increase the efficiency of the research process and its outcomes. The new edition of the book provides time tested guidelines to instruct graduate students in the research process. It explains the definitional, conceptual and philosophical aspects of research methodology. The book illustrates how research and methodology are related to science, knowledge, objectivity, prediction, induction, deduction and philosophic beliefs.

7. “Quantitative Financial Economics: Stocks, Bonds and Foreign Exchange” by Keith Cuthbertson and Dirk Nitzsche

“Quantitative Financial Economics: Stocks, Bonds and Foreign Exchange” Book Review: The new edition of this book is fully revised and updated to reflect the current theoretical econometric/empirical advances in the financial markets. It gives a complete introduction to models of economic behaviour in financial markets. It concentrates on discrete time series analysis. It also highlights theory, testing and discussing ‘real-world’ problems. The revised edition includes chapters on Monte Carlo simulation, bootstrapping and market microstructure.

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