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We have compiled the list of Top 10 Best Reference Books on Banking Theory and Practice subject. These books are used by students of top universities, institutes and colleges. Here is the full list of top 10 best books on Banking Theory and Practice along with reviews.

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1. “Banking Theory and Practice” by K C Shekhar and Lekshmy Shekhar

“Banking Theory and Practice” Book Review: This book covers all the topics in the field of banking. The book has information about the latest developments, including the changes in legislation, the growing globalization of banking and expansion of banking. The book contains a chapter on Financial Stability that covers changes in the operating procedure of monetary policy, payments and settlement system and its development in India. The topics explained in the book include the introduction of NEFT, CTS, National ECS, MICR cheques and RTGS. There are summaries and review questions given at the end of each chapter. The book is a key resource for undergraduate students, professional bankers and those who pursue more advanced and practically oriented studies on this topic.

2. “Modern Banking: Theory and Practice” by Muraleedharan D

“Modern Banking: Theory and Practice” Book Review: This book inspects the role of the Indian Banking Sector and the latest developments in the Indian Financial System. The book explains the modern trends in Indian banking related to the use of technology and other core areas of banking. It covers topics such as financial markets and institutions. It discusses in detail venture capital, credit rating, modern e-payment systems, core banking and hi-tech banking. This book explains subjects like EXIM Bank (Amendment) Act, 2011, Factoring Regulation Act, 2011, prepaid payment instruments and GIRO payment. It is written in a student-friendly manner. This book is helpful for the students of Commerce, Chartered Accountancy and postgraduate students of Management, Finance and Economics. The book can be used by practicing managers, bankers, researchers and all those who are interested in Indian banking and the role of banks in the new era.

3. “Banking Theory and Practice” by Katait Sanjay

“Banking Theory and Practice” Book Review: The book explains the objective of economic development which is dependent on investment habits. It focuses on the issue of rapid change in the banking scenario in India. It is important to compete with International Banking Practices. The book explains that Indian banks are asked to meet standards like capital adequacy, classification of assets, income recognition norms and customer satisfaction. It also discusses the reformative measures taken to enable the banks to perform.

4. “Banking: Theory, Law And Practice” by Gordon & Tarajan
5. “The Theory And Practice Of Banking” by Henry Dunning Macleod

“The Theory And Practice Of Banking” Book Review: This book is one of the earliest books on Banking from the 1900s. These kinds of books are rarely found and are expensive. This book provides content at an affordable price using the original text and artwork. The book contains portraits, maps, sketches.

6. “A Text on Banking Theory Law and Practice” by Gajendran

“A Text on Banking Theory Law and Practice” Book Review: This book gives information about banking. It explains topics such as commercial banking, central banking and regulations and acts related to banking. It also covers the functions of the Reserve Bank of India and the services it provides to the different sectors of society. This book will be helpful to the students of economics, banking professionals, chartered accountants and all those who are interested in the business field.

7. “Banking Systems Simulation: Theory, Practice, and Application of Modeling Shocks, Losses, and Contagion” by Stefano Zedda

“Banking Systems Simulation: Theory, Practice, and Application of Modeling Shocks, Losses, and Contagion” Book Review: This book shows the risk modeling of the banking system with a theoretical framework. This book is written from the perspective of global finance. The book inspects single bank risk, common bank exposures, and contagion. This book explains by providing the basic building blocks of modeling and simulation and then showing the individual techniques that make up a systems model. The book covers the mathematical and legal concepts used to analyze banking risk problems and the major problems researchers are likely to encounter. There are various software descriptions in the book along with references and tools for a better understanding of the topics. This book is useful to graduate-level students in banking, finance, and computational methods. It is often used by banking researchers focusing on computational methods of analysis.

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